Good photo album software for Noisebridge?

I’ve had a few requests fo share moving / new space pictures.

And right now we’ve got them scattered about on discuss, slack, and wiki.

Ideally it would be something pretty simple. Where lots of people could upload photos, and maybe a few people could moderate them.

Edit: Realizing @james is probably going to tell me this is already built into discuss.

Seems adding galleries to Discourse is an option using Tile Image Gallery and Slick Image Gallery. There might be others listed on

  • These seem most suited to embedding photo galleries in posts rather than consolidation.

For a hosted image gallery, we could set something up at and start importing these various sources. Photoprism, Lychee, and Piwigo are all really nice for the browsing and sharing of photography.

Usually the photos reside in a directory structure, which is served up by these tools. Using specific directories (Lychee) serves in place of moderation, but you can further define access roles with photoprism or piwigo.

What do you think?

I like the promise of Photoprism, particularly with RAW/JPEG support which is a specific need I have for archiving higher quality images. The biggest drawback I see is they are targeting a MVP Stable Release and not quite there yet, although the demo looks solid.

Would love to hear from others that have experience with any of these or other options.

I started to put a “scratch/play” box together out of the current temple.noise machine. It’s got a NextCloud VM ready although that may not be the best option for playing with the gallery front end but could make for the main repository of collecting bits?

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I’d say I favor Photoprism over Lychee and Piwigo (mostly prejudiced against PHP).

I like that it’s super active in development right now. Although it may be a bit over-engineered for our purposes.