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Jan 7 at 9:25 AM

January 11, Saturday!!
Verdume (Telecaves)(L.A.)
Daniel Blomquist
Sarah Elena Palmer


vegan pancakes served.

Saturday FEB 8TH!!!
Vulcanus 68
Morning Candy (L.A.)
Tender Buttons

Gayphex Twin

Foot SOS


vegan pancakes served.

Hey @Godwaffle. There is a cleaning weekend scheduled for Saturday and Sunday 1/11/20.

The cleaning weekend was scheduled about a month ago, and there was nothing posted on the calendar for this weekend.

Weird, I posted about this a while back/did it not go up?

I usually move all the tables out of the way and sweep the whole front end of the place by 10am.

The “TBA bands” Jan 11 Godwaffle post has been wiped out since the last time i looked =it was up in the sidebar this morning when ‘similar posts’ loaded, thinking it was an unsent draft, it’s not in that folder. Just the old Feb one is up from a while back. Odd.

I usually do these shows, 2 hrs sharp with audience, 2nd Sat between noon/2pm & clear out quickly -with the audience. We have someone at the door filtering people for the show who can turn away anyone crew of 4, & grab audience to move the chairs wherever they were/ can stack them at one end of the place or whatever. We’re fast. LA gal bought her plane ticket Nov 23 to play the show. Let me know.

SOLVED; Gustavo posted the show announcement a while back in November, totally generic so maybe it went in one eye and into the trash?!

It should be able to work if we focus on one area then the next, though sewing and electronics will probably be major focus. As well as parts area.

OH YA!!! Sounds groovy. If anyone has a mop, bucket, floor soap, will do up some major scrub around 9 am Sat when i get all the chairs moved. Let me kno where to look if so!!!


Sounds good!

I just pushed cleaning weekend back to starting at 2:00PM on saturday.