Getting rid of the stratasys 3d printer

There is a giant 3d printer that doesn’t work. It has been here for quite a while, and as far as I can tell it doesn’t work. it is taking up valuable space. The space is full of too much crap, and we need to get rid of stuff. I think this is a perfect candidate of something to get rid of. Lets try to get rid of it by next week Thursday? thoughts?

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If someone is interested in getting it working there’s a online group dedicated to hacking/using Stratasys printers. The advantage is the temperature controlled chamber but beyond that they’re pretty on-par with modern FDM printers.

Get rid of the laser while you’re at it :wink:

none of the 3d printers we have come close in terms of performance to the Connex.

I was told the printer is very close to being in working order, as the hotend clog was/is being dealt with.

In all seriousness there’s few tools at noisebridge so valuable… it’s a monolithic chunk of engineering wonders… crazy hotend super beefy motion “high quality software”

this is the machine we use to send club-mate in orbit.

if it doesn’t get fixed it could be converted as an fdm printer with a rewire and different hotend.

thank you

high value

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Please, if you scroll 4 posts down, I started a thread on this already: Repairing Connex 350 (Repair log and info)

I and am working to coordinate with people to get it repaired.

We also discussed it at 2x NB meetings in the past month.

Please consider talking to folks in the space / at meetings before doing a call out to trash expensive and highly useful equipment.

The hold up atm is getting in contact with Ryan @pyconaut for background info, hes been a bit mia recentlty.

also, who is this mysterious @Noisebridge-Terminal ?