Getting a second laser?

One of my friends knows some lasers that are for sale. I think getting a second one might be good since this is currently the most used tool at noisebridge hands down.

I don’t have too many details but there are two, an epilogue 12x16 and a Chinese laser that’s 3’ x 4’, which arrived needing work and was replaced by a working model. I’m told it wouldn’t take too much to get it up and running

I’m asking for price and stuff but right now I’m looking for some folks to say “yeah a second laser would be great and we would be willing to spend a bit of time to hook it up and document it”

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Is the Chinese one also Kaitian / Eagle brand? If it’s the same company we wouldn’t have to learn a new machine, and we already have them helping us with tech support and replacement parts via WeChat.

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yeah a second laser would be great and we would be willing to spend a bit of time to hook it up and document it!



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Should we attempt to get a corporate donated laser before purchasing one or are these deals stellar enough we should go for it?

While the laser cutter is used a lot, I never really see a line for it. Will this new laser have more features?
Otherwise, it doesn’t seem worth the cost/space consumption to me. I am not sure though.

Would donations for using the laser cutter eventually have it pay for itself?

Another thought. Apparently, there is some kind of computerized cutter for wood in the woodworking shop, but since we got the laser cutter it looks like it has been well over a year since it has been used. Do we want to sell that machine before buying another machine?

I can volunteer to try sell some items on we are not using on Craig’s list. Especially on clean up days. We are trying to raise funds after all. :slight_smile:

I have to wait in line for several hours to use the laser almost every time I come in.

Ah, well, in that case, I support buying a 2nd one. In fairness I only come in during the day on Tuesdays.