General process for getting people access to Noisebridge

So at last weeks meeting we had a person who was accepted as a philanthropist a while back (I think in May or maybe even earlier) and they still don’t have 24 hr access but occasionally have been getting daytime access because that has become more accessible.

My advice was to post in the Rack channel on slack as that is how I’ve seen it resolved before, but there’ s not much action in there besides automated posts these days so I’m not sure if they were successful.

Is there a place on discuss here similar to the Rack channel where I could also suggest people post, or is there a better way to do this I’m not aware of?

Just hope we can get all the people who want to contribute to Noisebridge as much access as possible!

I think this is a mistake & this fell through the cracks when it shouldn’t be so hard! I tried tagging henner and R in #rack to make sure they don’t miss it.

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You might have more luck in #access-control

We really should have a better documented process, or perhaps explicitly rely on members to guide the people they sponsor how to get their RFID updated to 24hr access.

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Is this person’s name/nym, email, current token number, and a link to the meeting notes where they were philanthropized available on discuss somewhere?

In the general case, I think it might be good to setup an earl admins group on discuss that people could message.

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Oh, @_ar are you not on Slack anymore? I will DM you the requested info on discuss.

I found this thread which might be useful in the future. But it would be great to have an easy to find page or thread which we could even link to on the wiki. Access Control Updates

Looks like there’s still no process in place. :wink:
I posted in #access-control on Slack but no word yet. Can someone here enable my clipper card now that I’m a philanthropist? I have the code that’s displayed inside the door when i tag it.

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Sorry Grant. you can try to reply to this thread. Access Control Updates

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