General Meeting Report (2022-02-22 Tues)

== Meeting Summary ==
(sorry, I thought I shared & sent this last week)
TLDR what happened at the meeting:

  • Fundraising Update:
    – We’re planning a new event. nb14.
    April 1st-3rd. Comedy & Talks on Friday, Stupid Hackathon through the weekend, Music & Talks on Sunday
  • Announcements:
    Board Elections - will happen Friday 2/25.
    – Tim - Biohack and chill a thon, this weekend. Its a party! If your interested in genetic enginering and burritos. Please RSVP “so I know how many burritos to buy”
    – Mark - Mark is looking for an eager volunteer with experience in web development, for a Noisebridge project. An app that noisebridge will use.
    – Gaardn - Works on lasers, needs help with the laser cutter.
    – -Protracted discussion on the origin, and use of “Yee”
  • Finances:
    – Hundreds of thousands in cash & BTC reserves.
    – We should report cash flows. I’ll talk to finance wg & treasurer Tyler about this information.
  • New members:
    – Les applied for membership.
    – Mcint as well.
  • New philanthropists: –
  • Consensus Items:
    – Previously passed: Membership update. Present-in-space consensus on masks - note SF rules have changed, loosened.
  • Discussion Items:
    – nb14. April 1st-3rd. Comedy & Talks on Friday, Stupid Hackathon through the weekend, Music & Talks on Sunday
    – Wiki cleanup.
    – Children at Noisebridge. Appropriate in some areas. Not in sewing, for safety & keeping organized. Try music, VR, or well-populated areas.

to; mcint on discuss site
subj; non profit organization formation, 501.c.3 particulars;

Hi. Perhaps Fri 1 or Sat.2april night, floor2 near Capp St. Windows, You, another Lady, and Myself, Itekramp / Frank B., were talking about non profit organizations, tax exemption status, application paperwork and other closely related topics. You provided your contact info for where you use the forum handle mcint.

The reference to your presence on this forum I found by search, showing you submitted transcription of general meeting report 2022 02 22 Tues. So, not finding other path, I am doing a reply via that path to send this message hoping to reach you in a timely way. This is likely public, but I found today no person to person path method on this platform.

A day or two ago, looking at my recent postal mail, I find a date conflict. I am committed, Tues.14April2022, to be a poll worker clerk, 0600hr to 2200hr. So, your suggestion that there be a special interest group meeting, initially to gather at completion of the Tues. NB weekly meeting, two Tuesdays after our face to face discussion, shows up as a time when I would be unavailable, being an SF CA poll worker that morning/day/night.
Still, at later dates, about which I hope to learn, I want to attend and share info and experiences - - my own, and that of others.
Thank You.
Itekramp / Frank B.
Fri.8Apr.2022 1815hrPdt