General Meeting: 3/17/20 - GOING VIRTUAL

Meeting will start at 8:00PM
Connect via:
No accounts needed

Meeting notes will be live at:
Join the meeting online using Zoom at

  • might need to install the app on mobile
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My notes on Jitsi from our test run this afternoon:

  • At least on iOS, you need an app (or to call in via phone). Other folks were using Chrome on computers. I used the app on my iPad; it seems to work OK.
  • There’s a raise hand feature, but it’s hard to tell who raised-hand when, so doing it in the chat may be better.
  • There’s a “low-bandwidth” mode that turns off everyone’s video feeds (but might also reduce audio quality so beware). You can also turn off your own camera at will.
  • Phone works but audio quality is not as good as internet audio.
  • No account needed.
  • There’s a “tile view” (what Zoom calls “gallery view”) you can switch back and forth.
  • Screen-share works. Sharing a video works for computer/web users but doesn’t play on iPad. Sharing a video also mutes everyone for the duration.
  • Anyone can mute anyone, and anyone can unmute themselves even if they were muted by someone else.

Another thing:

  • If you close the window but don’t “hang up” out of the chat you can’t really re-enter in the same browser. So I had to switch from Chrome to Chromium.


  • Use the 3 dot menu to the right to change your name and settings. Use the menus to the left to share screen.


  • Have fun! :slight_smile: :partyparrot:

On the iPad app, at least, popping open the chat for the first time will prompt you to set your name if you haven’t already.

The app does not let you change your name during a chat; only when you are not in a chat.

I seem to have gotten booted and can’t reconnect

Glad it’s not just me. Are we all booted, or did we hit the practical limit on the number of participants?

Someone tempted fate by saying it could handle 500 people.

Still can’t get in; I can attempt to start a zoom if people want (should be more stable since bigger operation)

Perhaps better suggest here…

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same here

edit - I thought the issue was Firefox, but others have had better luck with it

chrome seemed good…

Keeping the stack on chat? And maybe our notes can help us guide the convo?