Gate Design Ideas

So there is a space above the door where a design could go. See photo below:

We might make something like this:

But thought to set it out as a competition.


Got dimensions? Might as well include space above that door as well.

Oh, man, I will get dimensions next Friday then… :smiley:

Yeah, I thought some bars could fan out above the door. The idea of making it removable is also good, so we can have clearance from time to time.

I noticed the other night that the giant iron logo thing is up above the gate. It looks amazing and is a great idea but it is very heavy and was attached with plastic cable ties. Is there some better (and still removable) way we could attach? I’m worried about it falling on someone’s head if the gate slams. It seems secure enough now but over time those plastic cable ties can wear through.

Oh yeah, I put that up there. Actually there are also 2 bent pieces of metal holding it in the center, so the zip ties are there for more safety.

I think we can actually weld it in probably. Since we will have the rolling door for high clearance items…

I still don’t think this is the best solution, but seems to have held up the past month or so…

Happy to have anyone secure it better, or if they have any ideas about it.