Gate buildout (Next Steps)

Final paint is strawberry fields. We left the other primer and brushes near the garage door to paint the next gate. Sorry if it is messy. Saw the other gate there by the side. Can paint it next Friday if no one gets to it first…

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What’s needed before we anchor in the front section?

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I guess Tyler is away today, but my thinking is the front section is good to be anchored. :anchor:

It looks like the primer didn’t take, it will probably need to be sanded down in places and touched up…. I think we just needed to wait longer for the primer to dry

Well Dave (Broccoli) and JLB warned me about that. I think we put the primer on too think in some places and did not give it enough time to dry before adding another coat.

I guess if we just slowly add primer as touch up that should do it.

Or is it peeling in a lot of places?

Edit: We did spend like 9 hours painting it with drying in between. I guess when the sun goes away it is worth just doing one coat a day…

I’d say the front section is good to go and get anchored as long as all the planks are ready to be installed. Also that side section is mooostly there. @croepha got the 220v plugs and it sounds like JD is bringing in the wiring and so I can weld the last section on in-situ :slight_smile:

Still gotta add the lips and center bar for planks to go in on the side though… Do we have wood for that already?

We have wood plained and single coat primed for all sections I think. We only have boards cut to length for the front section. I think we were going to do another coat of primer after we put them in, just for thoroughness


This part here looks like the metal was still oily when the first layer of paint went down.

Before we paint the next section of metal, I think we should wash it down, and then hit the whole thing with some rough grit sandpaper so the paint has a better surface to adhere to.

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I will be at Noisebridge, probably running free code camp from 12 ~ 6 or so. We didn’t have too many people last time. :smiley: I will try to patch up those spots if they haven’t been patched already.

Will the other part of the gate be welded and ready? Otherwise we could also try weld at that time if people have time. :smiley:

FYI, all of the boards are in the garage/waiting-room area… with people moving them around, I’m sure they’ve all been mixed up, the ones that have been pre-cut for the front section will be shorter than the rest, and probably have an un-primed end (where they were cut…)

EDIT: Also, should we put the boards in before or after we anchor the font section? Im thinking its probably best to do right after

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Should I prime the ends of the boards? I will be at NB today.
I can also touch up the parts that flaked on the gate if it hasn’t been done already.

Is there a set time for anchoring the front section? Should we try it today? I guess it is a matter of drilling holes in the concrete and screwing it down. I don’t have a lot of experience with that, but could ask around. Or just leave it for more experienced ppl another day.

Patched the gate and reprimed just these boards. :smiley: Step by step.


Is gate buildout continuing today? Very exciting!

Alright, so anchoring the gate will involve a few more steps (not in any particular order):

  • Holes in feet, need to be drilled out to 1/2 inch
  • Holes in concrete need to be drilled out to match the feet holes, I have a masonry bit in my locker for this purpose (borrowed from Pyconaut)
  • wedge anchors need to be installed in feet holes
  • boards need to be installed
  • middle holes need to be drilled out (one in the middle of each board, to match with 1x2 in middle of gate) Carriage bolts and nuts to be installed there
  • Finally the gate needs to bolted into wedge anchors at feet

I also think that we should mount to the existing sunken pole… For this I think we should add a metal extension to the side of the pole so that it meets with the top, something like this:


The idea here is that because we are using fasteners instead of welds, the gate can be installed and removed as needed while we work on some of these finishing items

@themanmaran @Paul_H @rlew631 what are your thoughts on this plan?

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I think maybe @rlew631 was going to do some work today on the right side section

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I got here and saw the tank was down to about 10% so only got around to doing the bottom ledge for the slats on the side gate.

There’s probably enough left in the tank to finish the top ledge and middle brace (I’m going to need a second set of hands for those). We should swap the tank out for a full one before doing that final push to install it. That’d leave it at a decent point to be painted too.

@croepha The plan sounds good but I’m a little confused about the carriage bolt bit. Also I have a 1/2" masonry spiral bit and hammer drill that I can borrow from work which should be quicker than the diamond core-ing bit for making the holes in the pavement.

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I will be around the space tomorrow and maybe Saturday. Anything to work on regarding the gate?
Otherwise I will just add the 2nd coat of primer to the boards…

as far as I know, all of the things related to anchoring in the front section need to be done still, so any of those items, also, sorting out the short boards (ones that have been cut for the front section) from the long boards (uncut) needs to happen… some of the un-cut boards need to be cut to fit the new right side section

OK, well I can work on drilling if we can get the bit. Will you be by later today? Or want to DM me? I guess we can’t install wedge anchors too. Do we have them or should I run to discount builders? They look pricey like $77 per wedge?

As for securing the boards in the middle, I don’t know, I feel like rust would be an issue, but I could try to drill it too…

Feeling a bit out of my depths with all this.

I might just paint and cut boards. :sweat_smile:

Dave got the wedge studs already. I have an impact drill / bits that I can borrow from work to drill the holes out for them.