Gate buildout (Next Steps)

Documenting the progress and remaining steps to finishing the front gate.

Current design:

Wood slats

All wood slats are cut and stacked in the back wrapped with yellow caution tape.
They slot into the gate and should fit pretty snug. Some of them may need to be cut down a couple MM to get it to size. The rest can be fitted in with a mallet.

Still needed

Feet and wall supports:

There are three of these pieces sitting near the welder (thanks to @reilytech). We need about 5 more. And they need to be welded to the bottom of the gate, and wall facing edge.

And we’ll need some of these to screw the gate down: concrete screws

Actual brand may vary. @JD would know the best variety.

Painting the metal

Make sure to wash down the gate with some soapy water first. The paint won’t stick well to the oily metal.

This one is important! Before adding the wood slats, the metal should be painted flat white with the white primer under the outdoor table. And then given a coat of rust proof enamel paint

Pay attention to painting the bottom as well (perhaps multiple coats) as this will get hit by more water.

Add wood slats and another coat of primer

Fit the wooden slats into place and give the outside facing portion another coat of primer.

Paint something cool!

Add a cool mural to the outside, before it gets too trashed.

Additional improvements:

On some portion of the new gate we should install a through-wall mailbox.


Planning to be at Noisebridge this coming Friday from noon to 6p.m. or so.
Going to wash the gate and then add some coats of primer and finally rustoleum.

Feel free to come join in. Free Code Camp will also be running at the same time. So we can code and watch paint dry.

If someone wants to paint the gate before Friday, no hard feelings. :partyparrot:

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@woz @new-ryan

Also here is the model.


When I referred to “adding an L support” this is what I meant:


Plus you should be able to still incorporate a sliding gate that goes between that gate and L support.

New Ryan and I (well actually about 99% new Ryan) made most of the frame for right side, I forgot to take a picture… The metal strips for the top, bottom and 1x2 in the middle still need to be put in, though. So, the existing gate, will need to open in the opposite direction, so New Ryan thinks we should just flip it upside down, but maybe taking the top stylistic stuff off the top first

New Ryan mentioned something about how we should probably put the metal feet on before we do the painting, else we’d have to skuff it up and then paint it again… Maybe we should prioritize that on Wednesday (when we’re meeting up again) so that code campers can just paint on Friday?

Also, he mentioned that he thought that some other kind of bolt/post would be better than anchors, maybe something like this: I can’t remember the exact type he was recommending

Also the gate is already starting to rust a little bit

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+1 to the anchors Ryan was suggesting. And putting the feet on before the painting.

Yea funny how SF finally rains after we put a giant untreated metal structure outside.

I’m sure there’s some sandpaper around. It would be ideal if the painting crew could hit those rust spots with some sandpaper before priming.

Do we have an electric sander?

We have a few different ones, I’m not sure if we have belts/pads for the portable ones, but we we do have some sanding discs for the angle grinder

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@themanmaran Got the main square welded together on Saturday, I’ll be back Wednesday to continue. BTW the square is a slight parallelogram (to match the slightly obtuse angle of the pavement and wall) so it will fit better one way. Also I still need to drill a drain hole or two in the bottom so water won’t sit in it and rust

Also @woz those wedge anchors you linked look great!

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Knocked out a bunch of the feet/wall supports on Saturday btw


OK sweet just ordered 50 of those, should arrive sometime on Wednesday probably Not in time for me to bring them to noisebridge on Wednesday

Current status

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Looks great! :smiley:


Lots of help from @rlew631 and @pyconaut today! Lots of work on the right side frame (still some more to do) it looks like we might also need an additional 2x2, not sure where we came short in our estimates/calculation… @rlew631 knows a guy with a truck! so he’s just going to get and bring in sometime… I left @pyconaut welding the feet and some minor mixups on the front frame, so hopefully it will be ready for code campers on Friday (so they can Sand, Wash, and Prime ). Also, I can weld now, kinda…


Are we going to weld a top on that? So it doesn’t fill up with water.

Yeah, we also put some drain holes on the the bottom

Looks great! Hope to paint it on Friday. Thanks all! :slight_smile: :raised_hands: :adrian:

I also thought I might learn to weld by the end of all this. :partyparrot: