Gala Lineup

Hey y’all, here’s what I have at this point in terms of lineup for the Gala (also in Trello), in the order of performance and with the stated tech needs:

La Doña (3 piece band), 30 mins, aux and three mics
manadream (solo act), 30-45 min, aux
Leonardo Escudero (beatboxer), 45-60 min, two mics and aux

(Break for auction and other fundraising activities)

@jcer415 (producer/dj) , 45 min to 1 hour, aux
@fineline (dj) , 1 hour, aux

@nthmost shared that the MC could do a comedy set and @Mark shared that a band may be able to join the lineup as well. I think it would be good to have another musical act in the second set, and I am iffy about the comedian in the lineup as I don’t have enough information yet about the duration of the act or the content so as to see if it would flow well.

Also, in terms of amplification, @fineline shared that we have enough PA gear in house for the show, so I’ll need some help with getting that setup and tested, preferably not the day of.

I’m opening this thread so we can discuss this amongst a broader audience than the Trello board was allowing for. Feel free to correct any errors I have made in terms of names, set times, tech needs, etc.

Some questions I have are, does this look good in terms of set lengths, how long is the auction portion of the event, and what’s our audience looking like so far. Tagging some people that may have some answers or interest in this thread: @tdfischer @gaardn @James

Here is the band:

Let me know if you’d like to add them to the lineup! They are currently talking about it amongst themselves to confirm that they can all do it.

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That’s totally fair. No commitments have been made or expected yet.

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@Mark they sound good! Yeah if they’re available, let me know how long of a set they can do. I’m thinking I’d slot them in right after the auction to start the second set.

@nthmost thanks, and yeah, please post them if you have any links or anything to the comedian’s content to share

I’m really curious if we expect to have a solid crowd up to midnight (or later) or not because I don’t want to have the later acts performing for less people, ideally

Here’s our Eric Cash:

and here’s one of his more recent standups:

He’s very explicitly anarchist and I think he’ll do a good job being an MC.

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From Steve, the singer:

“Hey Mark, can we get more solidified details on the 4/27 show? Need load in time, set time, amount of time we are given to perform and set up/tear down, other acts playing, show poster (?), etc.”

Also he says they have 20-25 minutes of material

@Mark ideally I’d like to have all the acts set up and ready beforehand so we can just have people take their gear down after they perform instead if setting up and tearing down during their slot.

Really though, I need to know for sure when the auction is happening and how long it is for me to be able to give clear answers.

As far as I understand from over a month ago, the auction is at 9p for 1 hour, with the whole thing starting at 7 and ending at midnight. Is this correct? I also don’t know who’s organizing the rest of the event at this point, so I don’t know who to ask for clarification.

Okay, confirmed it’s 7 to midnight and I’m going to assume one hour for auction and other stuff, which means, @Mark, there really isn’t need to have a full band added to the lineup, and honestly I don’t have capacity to manage adding them either as it would be much more setup/teardown work/time, etc.

@nthmost I think having the M.C. do a comedy set of 15 mins after the auction stuff would be great, that would round out the evening so that it goes til midnight for sure.

@mana Cool. MC Eric Cash just checked in with me – i invited him to get on Discuss, so hopefully we can tag him on this thread and get everything in alignment.

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BTW I have another extremely excellent speaker to add to the roster – Burning Man’s Philosopher in Residence, Benjamin Wachs. He has agreed to give a talk of any length (min 15 minutes, I would expect) about the importance of non-corporate organizational structures, and Noisebridge’s place in keeping it real.

Aight, I’ll notify them. :+1:

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I think it would make most sense to have that speaker after the first band, at 730. This would give the band time to break down and the next acts to set up. 15 minutes would be the longest it could go I think, given the lengths of the other performances, unless we want the speaker to talk during the 1 hour for auction and other activities.

Hello All!!

I’m Nina, and I make Symbiotic Living Jewelry;
I would like to vend my art at the Gala and donate a percentage of the proceeds to Noisebridge!
Please let me know if that is a possibility!!

Thank you,
Nina (Wiz Amulets )


Hell yes you can. Would you like to contribute some into the auction pool? A big part of the event is the art auction and more art would be awesome!