Funds for first fill of auto-bartender (iZac)


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We’re currently looking for funds for the first fill of the auto-bartender machine (named iZac). This will cost around $140. Is this covered under this category?:

Proposed events / collaborations that will involve financial sponsorship

— (source)

A lot of us in the spaceship are collaborating on an auto-bartender using no computers *. We will create a project wiki page for this project to describe it further, how it works, etc. It’s home will be at Noisebridge 99% of the time, so we view this as a collaboration with Noisebridge to bring donations into the space.

Details of note as it relates to the first fill:

  • Locked cabinet on top of machine holds the $140 investment.
  • RFID system to grant access to the machine (and also verifies the person is 21+).
  • Donation-based system that will display a suggested donation ($5-10) per-drink choice.

July 21, 2019 Cocktail Robotics Grand Challenge

We’re entering this robot into this competition:

Change log:

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Hello Anonymous14,

We notice this a very fun project, combining interests of several members. Robots are great.

When imagining use of this machine in the space, or it’s long-term storage here, some questions spring to mind:

  • Is transforming the main hall of Noisebridge into a bar an excellent outcome?
  • If so, do we have an on-premise liquor license?
  • If so, have we considered potential effects of automated/unmanned alcohol consumption in a workspace with power tools and lasers?
  • If so, have we considered the effects automated/unmanned alcohol might have on culture, esp. re: study space, work space, or the “safe space, please consider reducing sexual advances while working” posters that are on various walls already?
  • Lastly, have we considered the effects automated/unmanned alcohol being available “99% of the time” might have on the '86 list incidences, esp. the number of people who have previously been asked to leave the space around topics of drunkenness, assault, and sexual assault?

There are many bars and liquor stores in The Mission… More than we can count.

Creating an awesome robot is one thing…
Do we really want to transform one of the few creative/maker spaces in The Bay (with power tools!) into a 24/7 bar?

Perhaps a reasonable middle-ground might be found in creating the robot here, but storing & operating it in spaces with appropriate licenses and cultural expectations over the long-term (“99% of the time”).


Sorry but I do not quite see the cultural risks that this might impose. We have had alcohol plenty of times at NoiseBridge, including every now in then in the fridge for donation. If the alcohol is stored in a lockbox, then I don’t see how it is different from any of the party supplies we currently have stored at NoiseBridge for events like the Gala. And I don’t interpret “99% of the time” to mean that we will constantly be serving alcohol at NoiseBridge.

This could however a liquor license issues if it was something that could be accessed at any time, and if NoiseBridge was paying for the alcohol. But I believe it would be fine if it was only operational when its creators were around (i.e. only a couple people supervise it’s use).

You do have to keep in mind the number of crazys who pass through NoiseBridge. Note the broken box downstairs that was part of a postcard project. I assume someone saw it, didn’t read that it said ‘Post Cards’ and ripped the door off. The same WILL HAPPEN if people see a locker that they know has a bunch of liquor in it.

I am all for the creation of this Robot. But you should probably only operate it under reasonable supervision.

Also this would be a really cool item if it functions. But only if it functions. Otherwise it is just a big box.

As for the funding: this is more of an ‘Equipment fund’ item than a repair/replace item. Which means 50% reimbursement (split the cost with whoever is getting the new equipment).

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Sounds great!
We don’t mean to be hard-nosed or hard-lined on hard-liquor!
We also enjoy Sake, Beer, Scotch, etc —
& hope to ‘cheers’ together in the future.

At the same time, in our travels,
we have noticed effects alcohol can have
on vulnerable persons in community.

There’s an old saying, “Read the writing on the wall”.
It’s from Daniel 5: King Belshazzar was drinking wine
from gold goblets with his concubines,
when a vision of a hand writing on the wall appeared.

Considering Noisebridge,
there is literal writing on the walls to the effect of:
“assault is happening here; please be mindful.”

Not an ultimatum — community members to consider.


A pleasure to meet you, Matt the Laser Trainer!

Y’all is our preferred pronoun; we identify as a Southern Plurality.
This is filed under the appropriate field in our profile.
We do not take this too seriously.

Like you, we also share an interest in rhetoric & authoritarian regimes.

Speaking style varies by individual,
but as far we have read,
pronoun use from leaders & speakers
varies by Divisiveness (Clusivity), rather than Compliance.
(“Us vs. them”; as apposed to “[we] have a dream, and you can too, if you’d like to.”)

MLK Jr.'s famous speech is a great example of using “we” (mixed / in moderation!).
So we have come here today to dramatize an appalling condition.”
There are examples of regimes using “they/them/he/she”,
though we prefer to not invoke specific names at this time
due to associated energies.

No expectation of compliance is intended;
We apologize for any confusion caused
by our clumsy presentation of concerns.

All that said, we have some responsibilities to present for contemplation
ideas concerning under-represented or vulnerable groups.
This is a culture; also something we don’t take too seriously.


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Thanks, Tyler.
No apology necessary!
Regarding cultural risks, please consider statistics cited
in article linked above (previous post; “community members to consider”).

The practical line between “stored 99% of the time” and “operating 99% of the time” sounds like a great point for consideration. Thank you for reflecting on this!

Regarding Liquor Licenses & Licensees — we are ourselves ignorant on such matters, but have been instilled with a general impression that Alcohol Licenses can have big effects on businesses and buildings.

So, if alcohol is being sold for money (or donation), at what point is a license necessary, and if necessary, from a legal and financial perspective, would it be advantageous for this document to be carried by Noisebridge, an individual, or an operating entity?

We don’t know much about crazys or post cards;
We keep you all in mind.

Luck to you in all endeavors.
Thanks for the peace & mind.

Love & Robots,


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I’ve got nothing to contribute to discussions about alcohol in the space, but (@anonymous14) I’m glad you took my suggestion to look into DNA Lounge’s competition! I always like to see the different routes groups take (such as excluding computers from the design). Many previous contestants have been either heavily computerized or quite single-purpose, so this concept would stand out. Please ping me if you do any sort of write-up after the project is done, I’d love to see the outcome.


We provide alcohol to members only, according to typical club membership standards across California, where “member” = consenting adults who agree to the terms of Being Excellent to Each Other when they come into Noisebridge.

Donations for alcohol are encouraged (to keep the flow going) but not required, so we don’t sell liquor by any means.

Having a liquor license would be a net negative for Noisebridge, as we’d then have to be subject to inspections and occasional law enforcement, as well as boring meetings and limitations on when we can serve things.


When I was shopping for insurance for a hackerspace in Massachusetts the agent mentioned getting a separate policy for alcohol related things since some things related to alcohol weren’t covered by standard DNO insurance.

That may not be how it works in California and I don’t know if Noisebridge already has this covered through an insurance policy but if people are really concerned about Noisebridge and the board’s liability that would be a helpful thing to think about and look into.

I however have no concerns and will not be aiding further.

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I currently have 2 large bottles of hard liquor and SAKE in my locker, do you see me getting krunk 2…4…7…no. And my alcohol is always manned by the drinker, me.

Unless is “We” is your preferred pronoun, can you please rewrite this post without assuming you represent anyone else? Using “we” like this is rhetoric used by authoritarian regimes to project the illusion of mass compliance, especially when none exists.



Truth be told, I’m not sure how it will play out to have this robot. It seems like a cultural experiment to have a barbot servin up drinks. I guess we’ll find out what happens

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