Funds for a press brake

Hi all, is anyone interested in getting a press brake for sheet metal at NB? Sheet metal is the best material for electronic enclosures because of the heat dissipation properties. However, to build a solid enclosure a press brake is required.

Would anyone be interested in donating or helping me to build a simple hydraulic press brake?

I think this is a good idea. How big or wide does the press need to be? We have a small hydraulic press in the metal room. I dont know too much about press work but saw in the making prototypes series that they can be quite dangerous. I hope if we do get one that we can make sure it is safe and people are trained so nobody gets hurt.

Ok that’s pretty big! Looking around briefly we would need a press about this big, which puts us in the $1000 range for the press alone.
Then probably another thousand to do it right. That means we would have to raise $1000.
I can commit 200 of that, and having 4 other people do the same would ensure it has enough committed people to see the project through.

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Also how will you be cutting the sheet metal? Plasma cutter? We dont have a water jet unfortunately. Would the inability to cut the sheet metal in house limit the use of the bender? If so it would be in danger of just sitting there unused.

I was thinking that if we could build the press brake ourselves, then it’d keep the cost under $500. We could buy two 30 ton hydraulic rams for $160 (, a couple of springs and steal beams. Then, we’d just need to weld everything together:

Also, for cutting sheets up to 0.5 inch, we could purchase a plasma cutter for $250 ( Then, if we need very precise cuts, we can assemble a router, like this one: It’d be additional $300-400 for materials and motors for the router.

Nice build on the press!

My gut feeling is the plasma cutter table and the bender need to go together from the start. He used the cnc plasma cutter to make the bender itself, and then you’re going to want one anyway to be able to use it as intended. The other thing to consider is ventillation and where it will go. Looking at the fumes in the video you sent the table will need to go under the hood in sparkleforge and that’s may be a debatable real estate (will need discussion at a few meetings).

I think having these 2 pieces of equipment could really transform the types of projects we can do in the space so I’d be willing to throw down 1/4 or 1/5th (maybe up to 1k) for both the cnc table and the bender. Try discussing it with others including @themanmaran @Justinzlt1 @pyconaut @alchemist and keep me posted about what people think. Also I think you are underestimating the cost of the CNC plasma table -let’s be clear eyed about that cost so funding doesnt become a bottleneck.

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(Noisebridge will then match whatever we raise 1:1)

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We have a hand brake also not sure if you saw that. Its gotta be 3 ft wide. I have no idea how to use it but once saw it fall off the table when a guy wearing flip flops was using it.

Yes, I think it will be very useful. I am thinking that it should be about 48 inches wide to accommodate a variety of projects.

Thank you for the suggestion about safety. We’ll install the polycarbonate barrier mentioned in the video and create tutorials. However, since it’ll primarily be used with sheet metal, it should be safe even without the barrier.

Yes, I saw the Klutch brake. I think it only bends metals up to 1.2mm thick.