Fundraising Reboot! (7/9/19 7:00PM)

Hey all!

We are getting fundraising back up and running after a brief hiatus.

The meeting will be Tuesday at 7. Just prior to the general meeting. We have a lot to go over, and welcome all participants.

In general we will discuss separating fundraising into easier to manage tasks.

Big money

  • State/City/Local Grants - These are more long term communication, and involve a smaller number of people (like 2-3) communicating with officials.
  • Corporate Donations - We have been successful with this in the past (NB secured $100,000 from Handshake last August)

Little Money

  • NoiseBridge Classes: Putting together better instructions and support for the excellent individuals who come to teach at NoiseBridge
  • NoiseBridge giftshop: We have a fridge with snacks and tshirts, but why not expand this to electronic kits, laser cut thingies, and more!
  • Artist creations: We have a few above the coffee pots, but I think people don’t realize that those are technically for sale. Lets expand on this concept and support local artists who want to contribute to NoiseBridge

Free Stuff

  • Tons of people and companies are happy to support NoiseBridge with cool new tools and technology (see our Laser Cutter, Music Station, Maslow CNC, etc.). We just need to do a better job of asking for it!


  • Events are a ton of fun, good fundraisers, and bring tons of people into NoiseBridge. But they are a huge time commitment to set up (see all the work that went into our Gala). Lets just talk about what kind of events we are interested in, and how NoiseBridge can support them.

Lots to look forward to! Lets get a big turnout!


Would it be possible to livestream this meeting? I won’t be in town, but I’d like to attend.

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Sure! We can set up a google hangouts or something.

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