Fundraising on boarding documentation -- June 24, 2019

Want to help with fundraising? Start here!

Today is June 24, 2019. The current status is that we’ve paused work with our non profit fundraising consultants, Scandiuzzi Krebs, in order to focus on moving Noisebridge. However, there’s still some fundraising work for people who want to help out.

Work that needs to be done

  1. Social media

We want to be continuously sharing our story and showing what people do here. I have a bunch of new photos of equipment and people using equipment that can be used for this (it’s the last two links in 4). It would be really great if we had something scheduled to be posted on Twitter/Facebook twice a week, via Buffer. Happy to share the Buffer credentials to anyone interested in volunteering.

  1. Donations tracking

This is a longer term project, but it would be nice to be able to track how much money we have in sewing, laser cutter, and other sub-funds via Interested volunteers should comment here: Need devs for NB projects

  1. Corporate research

Here’s the context on what we’re trying to do for corporate sponsorship: Notes from meeting about corporate sponsorship 2019-05-28

We have a list of companies, and 6 of them are marked as top priority to start with:

The next step is to do research on these companies. If people volunteer for this task, I (@ruthgrace) would like to pay for an hour of the S|K professional researcher’s time to have an example corporate profile, and then the rest of the research can be done by other Noisebridge volunteers (unless @Julee already has expertise and examples?)

  1. Grant applications

When we were working with Scandiuzzi Krebs, we had their crack grant writer, Lily, pair up with someone from Noisebridge to help provide missing information for each grant. Lily was also responsible for prospecting for grants we would be a fit for. Now that S|K is on pause, volunteers are welcome to go look for grants themselves. @hicksu has done it in the past by checking foundation center in person to see what grants Gray Area applied for, and applying for the same grants.

Here is an example grant proposal:

This grant was written by Lily and I expect that we can use a lot of the same language for future grants.

Here is information on why we didn’t receive this particular grant: Locked / closed the MOHCD grant post

  1. Relationships with government


Scandiuzzi Krebs has handed off our relationship with Hillary Ronen, the Mission District supervisor to @gaardn. Josef Kreb’s strong recommendation is that we stay in touch about once per month with Carolyn Goossen, Ronen’s Chief of Staff. Hillary Ronen is sending a letter to the city to ask them to allocate $500,000 for us this year. We aren’t sure if we’ll get it, but it’s a good thing to keep working on in the future too. Here is the copy for that:


We asked to have assembly members Weiner and Chiu to make a budget request on our behalf for a million dollars. We didn’t get it this year but are advised to try again next year. Request text:

Where to find resources

Mission statement

I don’t think this mission statement is technically ratified, but I think there’s general consensus around it:

Noisebridge is a community-operated, non-profit hackerspace in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District that provides a space for people to learn, play, create, and share.

Fundraising Trello Board

This is what we use to track fundraising work done by Noisebridge volunteers. It’s currently not actively updated since fundraising team is resting while S|K is paused.

Important texts

Example grant proposal

Here is information on why we didn’t receive this particular grant: Locked / closed the MOHCD grant post

Communication with the city

Ask and information for Hillary Ronen’s (Mission district supervisor) office:

Communication with the state

State budget request (not requested because we don’t have a property picked out to buy, contacts are Catie Arbona and Alex Wong, advised to try again next year):

Old fundraising case statement

This is not meant to be presented to anyone, but can be a source of written copy and information about Noisebridge. It’s very long.

Link on wiki:


Google Drive

There’s a lot of miscellany in here: Gala volunteer docs, stories from Noisebridgers, newsletters to Patreon donors. Ask @ruthgrace for access if you need it.

Thanks to @Julee for giving me a list of things we needed for on boarding documentation ((How you can) Help!). @gaardn @rando @tdfischer feel free to add anything I’ve missed.