Fundraising Meeting Notes 2019-05-14

Things we like about scandiuzzi krebs

  • grants
  • meetings with city officials

The organizational training stuff is not as valuable

  • initial intro meeting valuable
  • story stuff alright
  • have you talked to this person going down the list – better for us to do that on our own (or pay someone for less money)

Where the money is going to come from

  • corporations don’t have ROI here, but can give in kind donations for days
  • money best from grants, government, users

Money stuff
Subfunds (like sewing, laser)

  • have your own treasuerer for your fund.
  • the money is in the noisebridge pile
  • tracking is transparent.
  • safe with donation slit – tyler working on it. matt will bring it up in meeting and follow up with tyler to make sure he’s on it
  • standardizing cash drops – 2 people count the money together, someone else go and drop it off and make sure it makes it to the bank, receit has number on it of what’s supposed to be there. Tim to talk to Tyler


  • Use Meetup for blasting emails about events
  • announce has some old Noisebridge people who still love the space
  • Blog posts: Henner’s blog post about the fuses spread a lot, Jarrod’s post about the signs made the rounds last maker faire
  • Press releases: We should keep track of all reporters that have written about us (contact info, publications), so that we can send out PR when necessary, can have S|K look over it
  • Press Kit: gather stories and quotes related to fundraising stuff (some in Google Drive), that’s the start of a press kit that we could have on our wiki. nice graphics, photos, logo
  • no more sensatinoalism, real estate agents don’t want to work with us because our website says were broke and need money

To Do


  • share fundraising Google Drive to meeting attendees
  • Ask Matt to help with live streaming set up after mamker faire
  • publish Hangouts link for participation in next meeting


  • check letter of engagement to make sure it’s in line with what we discussed
  • financial fact checking with tyler, need the report & original source
  • discuss cash drops with Tyler and write up cash drop protocol

Matt (after maker faire)

  • post stuff about Noisebridge’s participation in Maker Faire (Ruth gave creds)
  • reach out to CCSF computer club about whiteboarding & algorithms
  • how much money we’re spending on server stuff and what we actually use, investigate with SuperQ
  • bring up having a cash safe for donations in meeting and follow up with tyler to make sure he’s on it
  • look into credit unit (with Tyler)


  • can be point of contact for grants (applied for grants previously for NB by checking foundation center to see what grants Gray Area applied for)


  • more local outreach
  • more social media

Maybe we should start leveraging the fact that we’re well-off-enough to work with a fundraising agency by bragging about the fact that we have SK working with us right there on our website.