Fundraising Idea - Hacking Hardware Kit Boxes (subscription)

A few years ago we were thinking about making box hacking kits with spare parts + art for SudoRoom. They could be subscription hacking boxes and/or donation boxes to our $donaters.



I know this is cheesy to some, but the presentation is very important - having a nice box, and a nice explanation, it seems like a very Japanese presentation to me, and donors will feel extra nice if they can have something to display in their living room. Also, the subscription boxes are tangible items and people want these kinds of creative handheld objects more and more in the digital era (think of the popularity of moleskines and vinyl).

As long as the boxes and accompanying kit leaflets are very pretty (volunteer as an artist) people will have a good mood. It’s a Japanese idea – I’ve seen some of the Japanese electronics kits and they’re so original gangster.

This is a lot of effort so I never got around to it :slight_smile: and the boxes can be expensive. I advise getting boxes that are really really nice though, don’t go cheap on it. The world is cruel and superficial and people will pass over your dating profile for a cuter girl doing the duckface, so make sure things look tight.

I could probably do a pass 1x a year. It’d be fun. From the Flickr you can see we sort of got something started at Sudoroom.


I would like to blend a thought to this… dm or irl.

I like this idea a lot, and have a ton of ideas. I will prototype a few in the next few weeks and post them in this thread.


Yeah just to keep this thread alive, I think I would like to work on it when I come back in February. Hi from Europe!

I know that Rock Paper Scissors Collective in Oakland has a temporary space again (They started art murmur and were evicted a few years ago from their location, but they will get a permanent location by the Starline Social Club). I think ti’d be ideal to do a RPS Collective zine / textile collaboration along with Noisebridge electronics but let me think about it for a Econs.

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