Fundraising Design Inspiration

Visited Grace Cathedral and saw this credit card donation device. Quite nice. Can we hack one together at Noisebridge?

Post other inspirations for fundraising in this thread…



Woah that’s pretty sweet. If we had one set for like $5 it would be awesome. Idk how it works though. Usually the card swipe setups require you to select an item (i.e. one $5 Mate) and then charges for that. So it’s just the question of having it refresh the $5 charge every time it is done processing a payment.

I was just looking into the PayPal card reader today. That’s free with our account, so I’ll go ahead and order one. We can definitely set up a POS terminal for people wanting to use a card in the space.

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Sweet! I would be happy to hack on that next week. I am envisioning some kind of strong metal case.

That machine is sexy. It uses cellular data to avoid wifi! Cost $399 for the unit and first year + $99 per additional year of service + 6% and $0.17 per transaction.


It’d definitely end up being worth it. It’s a great thing to have around after some of our bigger classes. People would definitely dip for like $5.

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I definitely think building one of these systems is a great idea, especially if we can add donation amount buttons. (I would love a random button that goes between 20 and 100 dollars).

Would you be willing to build one Ryan? Definitely possible with Stripe API. I personally do not have time. I think an issue is having a solution people are willing to stick their credit card into, which is why this expensive, pretty device has a niche.

How difficult is it to rebuild a card reader? Or maybe we can box up the paypal card reader in a case like this? I might give that a go.

I am also fine with the idea of investing in dipjar though feel we aught to give it a try first. I mean, paypal takes what? 2.9% or so? So that is way better.

Thanks for finding the dipjar link! :slight_smile:

Here is the Square Terminal. Also $399 with only 2.6% + 10¢ per transaction. No service fee.

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Doesn’t seem quite as tempting to donate, but I do tend to use contactless payment a lot. Noisebridge does not currently have a square account.

This is the paypal reader, which should be free for us? And then maybe we can package it up nicely like the dip jar?

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I can go ahead an order a PayPal scanner. We have a business account, so it’s free.

Not sure how much I would trust the NoiseBridge dip jar lol. Card reader ducktaped to a raspberry pi. “Insert card - trust us it’ll only be $5!”


Heh heh, yeah, well I guess we aught to get started with the card reader first anyway.
After that we can A/B test design changes.
I am also fine with getting the dip jar outright. I imagine the ROI will be there…

Do we have an old phone or tablet we can use for the paypal reader?

Yup, I’ve got a donated iPad stashed away.

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Just get a square reader and pair it with the iPad. You can buy them at CVS and probably Walgreens and they’ll rebate your purchase on sign up.

The transaction rates were pretty standard.

I had a mess of a time getting the paypal card reader to work and I eventually just gave up and got a square reader instead.

I also have seen the dipjar before. The biggest issue with the dipjar is that the user cannot adjust the donation amount. The 6% rate is kind of a pain too compared to the standard $0.3 + 3% charge most payment processors use. Unless we’re taking mostly donations under 3 dollars.

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I did start to create a square account for NoiseBridge, but stopped when I had to commit to my name…
Paypal would also give us one less account to track. I guess we will just have to see how it goes with the setup…