From Makers 4 Makers // Survey for Makerspace Users

Dear Noisebridge-Community,

I visited your space twice (during your time in the mission) and took a lot of inspiration with me!

In 2017 we decided to open the Lichtwerkstatt Makerspace with a specific focus on photonics at the Friedrich-Schiller University Jena. In the context of my PhD thesis we are currently conducting a survey to (1) improve our Photonics Makerspace , (2) learn more about Makerspace users in general, and (3) support academic research.

We would be very happy if you participate in the survey and share it within your network.

It just takes 20min!

ENGLISH survey:

GERMAN survey:


  1. Makerspace usage
  2. Collaboration experience and interests
  3. Collaboration expectations
  4. Demographics


  • We will donate 1.00 € for each completed survey to the Maker Community (www.makervsvirus. org/spenden/)
  • You help us to improve our Makerspace
  • You help to support a PhD project
  • You can get a summary of results

A few words on my background:
I do my PhD in the field of makerspaces and open innovation processes at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar. Furthermore, I work at the Lichtwerkstatt Makerspace which has a strong focus on light and optics (photonics). With the Lichtwerkstatt Makerspace we support projects that make photonics technology more affordable and accessible for everyone. One of the projects in our Makerspace is UC2. A modular optical toolbox that allows you to build your own microscope and many other optical systems. It uses 3D-printing and is open source. More info on that project you can find here:
useetoo. org.

If you have any question, please reach out to me any time!