Friday 9/18 move it and dump it!

@fnord and I are working on some more bits from Mission, got the rack hardware out, and pulling cables from the ceiling. Heard some more folks might be coming by later in the day. Some 3D printers are getting organized, updated and calibrated as well.

@pyconaut you still on for soon’ish?

Hands are needed and welcomed to move more shelves, doors and tables from mission. Also unscrewing and pulling things from the ceiling. We now have boxes as things are getting emptied that can get reloaded for chute to dumpster disposal. @themanmaran what’s the timing on dumpster pickup, and it says only pay for what we use, assuming we are paying for a whole dumpster load either way?

Dumpster pickup is tomorrow morning. Around 10:00am I suspect. Pay for what we use. But let’s try to fill it up!

tried to focus on completely clearing out a few rooms in 2169 (so owner can start taking out walls or whatever they need to do)

The dirty shop is pretty much done (scrap wood bin still needs to be removed)

Sparkleforge still contains a (freakishly heavy) metal table, kiln, and the exhaust system.

Elevator room is almost totally cleaned out:

Turing room still contains some heavy machinery. (Picture from the Monday thread):

Church has a bunch of stuff waiting to go out the window. (Not pictured here.)

Shelving to be disassembled:

Lots of fiddly little (and some big) stuff attached to walls and ceiling …

And near the “elevator area” … Maybe 20 tables and other assorted beasties waiting to make the Big Move:

Not pictured: doors, laser cutter and a few other “little” things (See the Monday thread)