Founding the Rokollective

Currently, we are amassing more people, but I’m sure all of you are wondering, “Where are the robots?”

In the before-times, we had a robot named iZac, which served us drinks, and we loved it. And while NGalac and the Flaschen aren’t robots per se, they demonstrated a Noisebridge full of gadgets is rad.

So I’m proposing to start a new project group with one goal: fuel the robot uprising of Noisebridge. Basically, there are a lot of robots out there, and if we don’t start chipping in, we might face consequences.*

We already have a ton of robot-related projects on the drawing board:

  • iZac 2.0 (coffee / beer / Mate bot)
  • Robot butler (cc @Roboto )
  • Robotic parts wall (cc @pyconaut)
  • DIY robocalls entry (cc @the )

This group is to provide a special interest for these projects:

  • Spending some time on Saturday soldering stations and 3D printers to build circuits and other parts.
  • We have about 2.2 metric fucktons of chips at Noisebridge, and I’d love to use a few for these
  • There are also some objects, like an RC car I believe, that could become a robot car with a few changes
  • Start planning out some task lists for people who want to get involved
  • Set up a time to convene and pay respect to our robot overlords

Right now, I’d like to see who’s interested and if there’s a time that worked for people (I’ve done Wednesday evenings before, but am also open for other days). Let me know in the comments if you’re interested and what works for you!

*You may be wondering if this would qualify as a cult. I assure you our glorious robot overlords would never want us to be in a cult, and we are safe.

Hmm sounds interesting…