Follow up for CA State money

Hello all, here are our notes from the meetings Nicole, Ruth, Lily and I took with Alex Wong of Senator Wiener’s staff and Catie Arboba of Assemblymember Chiu’s staff.

I have put action items in a list below. Please comment. I will cross post this on slack. fundraising-team.

Chiu and Wiener would both want to see a proposal from NB that highlights good done for the community, with an emphasis on jobs training effects and demographics, that this can come in the form of both data and anecdote.

The proposal should talk about what we would do with the extra square footage, not just in terms of activities, but in terms of outcomes.

That the request should be for $1m.

That the request should be short, and that it should be in within the next couple of weeks.

That we should also reach out to Ronen’s office to see about additional state funds in her regular request, perhaps an additional $500k.

That both Alex Wong and Catie Arbona would welcome a personal invitation to see the space.

We also learned they would be working together on the proposal and that we should also reach out to Assemblymember Ting’s office.

We also heard that we should look at the department of commerce, labor and education for other funding opportunities.

Furthermore we heard some personal items: that Catie is a gamer and very geek friendly, that Alex Wong is uncomfortable and may need to be educated about the term Hacker. Also, Wong mentioned the office has art exhibitions we may want to consider being part of.


  1. Nicole and Ruth should send personal follow-up thank-yous to Wong and Arbona, along with an invitation to tour Noisebridge. Their emails are:,

1a. I recommend a physical hand-written thank-you. It doesn’t have to be much, but it should come quickly. The mailing addresses are:

Alex Wong
455 Golden Gate Ave #14800, San Francisco, CA 94102

Catie Arbona
455 Golden Gate Avenue, Suite 14300, San Francisco, CA 94102

  1. We should get a meeting with Ting if possible. Megan can coordinate that to happen.

  2. We should secure a meeting with Ronen sooner than she indicated to make the ask for $500k and assistance negotiating the state package.

  3. We will draft a proposal for immediate comment. I should have rough draft from Lily today to which I will append a strawman budget for conversation. I will share it here and on slack.

  4. We should research Labor, Education and Commerce Department grant opportunities, at the state level. Lily cannot engage in this activity at the moment, I can have another one of our staffers take this on if we want to rush.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or comment. I will post our rough draft proposal here and on slack fundraising team today.

Please let me know when you have reached out to Alex and Catie. I will want to reach out to them as well to start the request negotiation process.

Here is the link for the VERY rough draft proposal. Please comment. I will check back in in a couple of days.