First investigations into light projection mapping at both Sudoroom and Noisebridge

I hung out at SudoRoom and Noisebridge this week. Part 2 of the projection mapping collaboration with cartoonists Projection mapping collaboration with Cartoonists - #14 by miromi

  • Filled out the Light Projection Mapping wiki with @chrisg and blue. There’s a lot of great stuff out there! we charted out a progression of easy to difficult light projection mappings, starting out with simple planes and then bridging into spheres and more complex projects.
  • So many great ideas and brainstorming on doing map projections on 3D models from @chrisg - it was so fun
  • Thinking of writing a guide in a comic book form “I knew nothing about light projection mapping and blender and here’s how I got into it”
  • Collaborated with Ian at SudoRoom with a larger light projector - so many creative folks over there! It was great just pointing the projector around the room without fussing with buttons and pointers and clicks
  • Ian from SudoRoom had some great ideas on what we could do in the ballroom, especially with movable white walls!
  • Talked to @lizzard at Noisebridge - thinking of making the courtyard a place for light projections
  • Wouldn’t it be fun to have a mob of people with little projectors just projecting cool stuff all over the place all at once, sort of like the Japanese shadow puppeteers in Bunraku?

I asked for permissions before taking photos of people here who happened to begin the photo

I’d like to get to the software eventually, but it’s very satisfying to just run around with electronics and be physical. I’m thinking of talking to dancers, puppeteers (bunraku) and people who are into Indonesian shadow puppetry too.

Overall a great start of the week!