Fires / Covid / f**K

I’ve been thinking… is the price of another month worth it to ensure the safety of our peeps.
(@themanmaran can it be pro-rated, say we only go over 1-2 weeks)

Main Point:
Covid 19 while moving == Windows fully open.
high heat while moving == Windows completely removed

Windows fully open && Moving heavy boxes == Bad air entering NB & NNB + More breathing and coughing from the bad air… I’m already coughing a bit and i’m healthy and in a building with good air filtration ect…

we need to move & we need to stay safe. Let’s figure this out. The box chute will def need to be completed so that we do not have to carry any box what-so-ever. If it fits through the window…We should. [This will mean less heavy breathing and more stuff being moved]

I want to get a read on what peeps are feeling and not so much to say we should not. But HOW can we… over come and accomplish this task during all the shit being thrown at us.

Please list things we can do and that will help us move forward, I won’t just stop completely or give in to what life is throwing at us. Please skew the comments to optimistic and realistic.

I was just thinking we may as well have an earthquake next…I have not danced in a while and I love to rock n roll. I’d rather be in NNB dealing with the aftermath of an earthquake than trying to get stuff out of old NB, So I’ll still be there tomorrow (Thursday the 20th at 5pm) packing everything I can and throwing shit out the back window… :slight_smile:

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Seems like there should be a degree of negotiation possible here – i.e. “apocalypse came early this year, how about 50%-off month-to-month rent while we transition out of here.”

Extenuating circumstances abound:

  • 2169 landlord just confirmed that he has no clue how to fix the Elevator. This is going to make moving our Big Stuff really complicated.
  • COVID-19 means the landlord isn’t likely to be filling the space anytime soon.
  • The state of the building means the landloard isn’t likely to fill the space anytime soon.

So in sum, YES, I’d say it’s worth elongating our presence in 2169 for safety’s sake. AND I think it’s possible that we won’t hurt ourselves too badly financially for doing so.

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I think it’s likely that we will move out the little stuff in that time. And just have a group of items that is literally too large to move without an elevator.

At that point, we’re done paying rent if we physically can’t remove our property from the space.

And finally I imagine the landlord will see a financial incentive to call the elevator company.


If you know how we could apply leverage legally or otherwise please post. Otherwise I think it’s best we focus our money and energy on getting out. We have hacks that will get us out. And we can all start fresh.

I mean theres plenty of way to apply legal pressure and Id be happy to share. Some of it people already know. The main thing is not pitying the darn landlord.

If people really can get everything out with a broken elevator though, than no point?

Can someone confirm this is possible?

Oh it’s TOTALLY a cop-out, it always has been. This kind of behavior is par for the San Francisco landlord course. Why fix anything when someone’s still paying rent? We should have been playing hardball all along, I completely agree with you @Zach.

The added complication to the whole narrative is that, about 2 years ago, we tried to fix the elevator ourselves (or at least do a little bit of work to speed things along and keep the elevator at least basically functional). Unfortunately the landlord was told about this, and he told the elevator company that non-licensed work had been done. I think the company had already suspected that had been done and were just looking for confirmation, but without such confirmation they wouldn’t have had hard evidence that intentional changes had been made.

So now Otis (the elevator company) refuses to work on the 2169 Mission elevator because they could be held liable for modifications that were made by people who didn’t know what they were doing.

I expect it will be objectively difficult for Brian (the landlord) to contract with any elevator company because this information (i.e. the fact that non-licensed work occurred) can be found in the DBI’s report for the 2169 Mission St building.

So at this point it’s not just a matter of holding the landlord’s feet to the fire. It’s objectively a difficult problem.

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I would love to see the report from Otis themselves saying this. Has anyone tried going up the foodchain? It’s not uncommon for companies to fix up patch work or hacks - it just costs more.

I don’t buy the whole stick in the mud scenario here. I think there are solutions. But someone has to put in the elbow grease and care, and not take excuses. Elevators don’t get left broken for years like this, except in slums.

But again, if we can get everything out without the elevator now, it’s pretty much a non-issue.

Elbow grease is not free, those that do care are already tired and stretched thin, we need more leaders and some fresh blood from people taking charge and just start making calls and getting stuff done.BUT If you peek at the other thread we may get {toys} working for a day so we can get our shit out and not have to deal with this shit landlord. So approaching Otis is a non-issue now. I’d rather see more focus on how to lay out the new space to accommodate all the new stuff we want to keep our focus on.

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amen, true words friend. If it’s a non-issue that’s the best news. 100% agree.

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Can you or whoever is the last one out/around today, close all the windows at Mission, and same at Capp, still have some skylights cracked and back slide/funnel window. Try and save a layer of dust come ~Sunday.

Also, the elevator, I took a closer look at the red tag from “Division”, and it says the elevator can be operated while a certified mechanic is on-site so long as they are notified.

There was a whole stack of service slips going back over a decade from who seems to have been there dozens of times in the past.

Seems like it would be worth a conversation if that could enable us to at least use it for part of the day as a freight lift to get out the laser cutter and some other key items.

State “Elevator Unit” Oakland 510-622-3026 was on some old paperwork.

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Can someone share more info about this? This sounds like yet another cop out on their part, and NB would really do well stop believing their excuses and hold them accountable.

I heard from one member that they were a “small struggling family” and I was just…heavy eye roll.

These are multimilliomaires that have left a broken elevator in their bulding for over a year now. They need to just spend the money. What are our options around applying some pressure here? Cause we need to get the lasercutter out.

Thanks @Roboto for your post, the air quality + covid is alllll bad…