Financial Update (8/31/19)

Financial Statements through August 2019. PDF’s below.

Summary Income Statement:
NB Draft Financials - Summary IS.pdf (74.3 KB)

Full Detail:
NB Draft Financials - 2019 Rolling Monthly IS.pdf (79.9 KB)

NB Draft Financials - Summary Abridged.pdf (68.4 KB)

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Awesome! Is the 100K donor staying anonymous? Either way, please thank them. :smiley:

Did we spend around $32K total on Krebs consulting?

Not sure if this already exists, but I think the experience of Scandiuzzi Krebs should be documented as a warning. Noisebridge should not attempt to utilize a consultant without a very short term focus. I think the structure of the organization is just poorly equipped for it.

Can we add some kind of circuit breaker of sorts in the un-meeting un-structure?

I didn’t have too much interaction with them, but it might be worth leaving a review of Scandiuzzi Krebs to the effect that we spent $32,000 with them for fundraising services and raised $3k?
Just so other organizations might be aware to pull the plug sooner.

The $100k Donation was in 2018 from Handshake (the crypto company)

And yes, we spent a total of $33,727.47 on Krebs.