Finances update

These numbers are absolutely not accurate. But I was asked in today’s #guilds:fundraising WG meeting about this, so here’s the data I have access to. The numbers are approximately correct, in that we have about $170,000 in checking+savings and don’t have $-52k in paypal.


You have access to the same financial accounts and data that I do, @tdfischer. Last I checked QBO was sorted and sane, and did not look like that. If you’d like to do-ocracally restore it to a sane state, please do.

Sounds like @themanmaran is getting some data on revenue.

Any chance of this wiki page getting updated?

(Don’t want to ask too much, but appreciate all everyone is doing to get a handle on our finances! ) :thankyou: :pray:

Updates are on the way! Paul I’ll dm you the draft I’m working on. Below is a little chart - pretty much, donations are fine Year to Date. We are around averages from last year. Expenses could be a problem, but that analysis is still to come.

Average Donations Total Normalized
YTD 3/31/19 $7,992 $7,340
2018 $8,098 $7,609
2017 $5,640 $5,338
Total $6,994 $6,570

Edit this to say: The ‘normalized’ donations remove any donation over $500 so it takes a better look at the recurring income.


There’s a number of things which are making this hard to analyze.

What is the “Total” column? Looks like an average. Also what is the “Total” row? What is it summing? I can’t reconcile it to totaling anything else in the chart.

I’m a bit confused by your normalization method. e.g.

  • for 2018, 8,098-7,609 < 500
  • for 2017, 5,640-5,338 ~ 300

If you removed only $500+ donations, why are the diffs so small? Are these totaled monthly donations, after removing $500 donations, then averaged for the 3m period?

As a sanity check, what is the sum of the donations removed for each period? I should be able to take sum(donations removed) / 3 and get the same values as (total - normalized) right?

Focusing on recurring is a good idea, it will be very helpful in assessing what the future will look like. Right now It is best to get a clear snapshot of “where are we”. This means a clean income statement and balance sheet for all 9 quarters in question. (17Q1-19Q1).

I would do the following:

  1. YOY (which you have, thank you)
  2. Quarterly balances, revenue, and costs (summed) for each quarter in 2017-2019
  3. Monthly income for 2017-2019 split by donation method (stripe, paypal, cash, etc)
  4. Monthly costs for 2017-2019 ideally tagged by type of cost like rent, bill, discretionary, equipment but doesn’t really matter. We can analyze costs if we need to save cash which isn’t what we need to do.

Averaging isn’t a good first step because averaging hides the impact of problems since it smooths the data. We need an objective starting point before adding subjective analysis.

Previous analysis showed Stripe was down 1000s relative to 18Q1, and it sounds like 3m of cash went missing. If we are on track to meet 2018, we are doing phenomenally and I expect a banner 2019. This would be great!

I can easily construct all of this with the data so I’m not trying to make work for anyone else, but since we’re going for transparency here, these are the reports we need. I’m happy to construct them. I suggest sanitizing personal info and uploading the data somewhere, it’s not like the numbers, dates and donation sources are confidential, and that’s all we need to start.

Once we have these reports and breakdowns, we can drill down into each item to see why we are where we are, but first lets get an objective view on where we are.


Hm. Okay. I took a screenshot right after logging in; I haven’t touched anything since about a month ago.