Fabrication for my partner's fundraiser - ongoing

I’m working on decorations and props for my partner Amber’s fundraiser; for her non profit, Ignite http://www.igniteworldwide.org/2019-sf-spring-gala/ . I’d like to share the progress of the work here as well. I’ll add more posts as I finish more of the work in the next few weeks.

I’m going to be building various things for a start, this weeked I’m begun work on our light up gala sings. These are a wood light box with a removable laser cut cover. I still need to weld the floor stands, fix the attachment of the diffuser, and cleanup the wiring but this is a usable first draft. I’ll make little signs that attach to the top saying things like “Welcome to the”, “Check in here”, and “Thank you for supporting the”.

We’re having a spot to take photos, so I’m making little speech bubble sings which will be painted with dry erase board paint so that guests can write things to ‘say’ in their photos.

That’s all for now.


Things got hectic so I didn’t keep up this post but I have some more progress photos to share:

Going in to production on muliple signs, I ended up taking up much of the space outside sparkle forge

I welded stands for the signs out of 1" x 1" 16ga steel tube. The painted them with black rustoleum.

I bought clear dry erase board paint and covered the ‘speech bubble’ props in it. I had to do both sides at once since the paint needed 3 days of curing time.

I couldn’t get the vinyl cutter working, so we ended up hand painting the accessory signs I made. So they look crafty, but what a pain. Those little stands to the left were welded out of steel rod with wire welded to the ends to puncture and hold signs that would have photos of Ignite events, and quotes from girls who attended them to add some story to the silent auction tables.

I learned too late that I can’t laser cut foam core. It’s on the banned materials and it doesn’t cut well anyway, so I had to cut out the decorative story telling signs for our silent auction area by hand. This was a bummer.

Then I finally finished a light up sign:

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Then we had the gala and got to use the decorations as intended:

This was our check in area with one of the light up signs and an accessory sign on top.

Here is another of the light up signs at our silent auction area. I originally planned on using a dimmer so that the white LEDs wouldn’t be too bright. This was unnecessary and I ended up just connecting the 12v power supplies directly up to the LED strips.

Also at the silent auction area I had the displays that showed photos from Ignite events at local public schools or quotes from the girls that attended them or just infographics shown the impact the program has.

At the photo spot I laid out the dry erase speech bubble props and I made a table cloth with examples of things people might write on the signs to prompt guests to write things.

Which they did.

Not show previously, we made a sign for the podium:

Then the other light up sign was for our desserts table. There is a common gala thing apparently where people sharing tables bid collectively to get first pick of the desserts, called dessert dash. I made a sign for the table to try to help build the excitement for the bidding and the desserts. This one, unlike the other was run on a big rechargeable battery so that it would last the night. When I tested the battery it was able to power the sign for about 3.5 hours before a noticeable drop in brightness :

Here is the sign in action, during the activity

Those were the decorations I built at Noisebridge. Thank you all for sharing the space and letting me take over large areas of it during the painting and fabrication.

Just as a bonus I want to share these two other photos from the event:
Here is a table with a welcome activity devised by the caterer. As guests arrived they would help contribute to edible centerpieces which were placed on the table when the program / dinner started.

And here is @mcscope 's beautiful painting that she donated to the auction


Those look so great

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Whoa! Your incredibly thoughtful and well planned protect has my head spinning with inspiration, haha

@JosefSK @tdfischer check out these signs!