[Experimental] Virtual Coffee & BFF

Morn’n morning, testing some remote bridge’n over coffee and have recently been turned on to tune in to https://bff.fm/ and have it playing in the hackitorium background.

I’ll be hosting a radio net to get my HAMbridge on as well at 9am on N6NFI 145.230 MHz, which you can also find on broadcastify if you are interested in general EE bable and pushing buttons on radios.

While we have the jitsi available for weekly meetings, it’s also up anytime for hanging out and I would like to get at least one music channel going as well if anyone wants to volunteer to host any particulars hours and DJ.


btw, a lot of this testing has been to stress 272’s streaming capability as well as a number of ways cams can be used at the space. Anyone that has an interest in them for classes, events or security lemme know. Generally I’m just maintaining the ability to have the front and back outdoor cameras accessible. The current setup is monitoring a air quality monitor, oscilloscope and of course blinkies along with the driveway.