Experimental "Sealing" of 2169

tldr; how/when do we want to break the seal?

On Tuesday just before the usual weekly meeting started I was the last one to leave noisebridge. Access control and keeping the space secure has been an ever evolving challenge. Our Consensus is “to be as open as possible”, and at this time we are closed (also by Consensus) due to a pandemic and in the midst of co-coordinating a move to a new space.

For some background, once a upon time there was only one key for noisebridge and it only allowed the downstairs gate to be locked. The key was and still is widely distributed to people all over the World. The general net effect of this is that noisebridge was essentially open 24/7 whether Members were present or not.

In late 2013 a Consensus was reached that it should be possible to enable a state of noisebridge being secured when not in use, and that Members could have access to the space and ultimately that led us to various processes to more or less be open from 10a-10p any given day so long as some regulars were around.

November 13th, 2013
“It should be possible to secure Noisebridge when not in use. Noisebridge should be secured when not in use. All Noisebridge Members and Associate Members should have access to Noisebridge.”

Note that “Associate Members” have since been revoked, and “Philanthropists” have been created.

This was in large part the guiding principle for the do-ocracy that followed. There are some more details in other threads and last nights meetings. All of this still leaves us at what is next, how can continue to evolve and make this process most excellent.

It may also be time to start a discussion on how/when we are opening noisebridge by consensus.

My current small c consensus is that 2 or more are required to excellently re-open and be in the space and currently absolutely limited to as few as possible and no more than 4.

I could use some help and additional feedback on how to codify a process and policy around this. Thus far my thoughts have revolved around an experimental chain of trust. Currently this is implemented as a literal chain of locks on the glass doors to noisebridge on the ground floor.

My rough idea is that we have a distributed set of keys and codes that unlock access to the space. Any 2 out of 3 or more in a shared ring of trust would have access, thusly no one person would hold all of the keys required and would in practice mean that there is always at least one other person enabling excellence and “we are noisebridge”.

For example I currently have a code to unlock the chain and a key to the upstairs door. I would still need someone with a key to the gate to open noisebridge when it is fully closed/sealed.

The whole sealing is totally optional, and in particular an attempt to address dealing with the pandemic, and there being a verifiable known state of who was last at noisebridge and when. The purpose of this particular implementation was to test being able to close the space for several days, so that we could confidently invite volunteers in to the space to help move under the belief that any errant viruses that may have accumulated in the space would die.

I really don’t want to unduly deny anyone access to noisebridge, and am very mindfully putting safety first and making all possible considerations for how that impacts others. In particular anyone who may have a critical need on what noisebridge provides such as internet access, safe space and communal activities. After several conversations with those that have been recently frequenting the space they were all able to express other viable options for their needs and not unduly burdened by noisebridge be inaccessible for some time.

@fnord and I have done our best along with the Ministry of Contagion to develop, test and exemplify best practice. This has started with an advance community notice of intended activities via discuss such as 2169 Capacity Coordination / Scheduling Thursday June 18 2020

This is being further captured and expanded upon at https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/MinistryOfContagion as well as a updating and maintaining https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Safety

In the meantime noisebridge is virtually OPEN and remotely view-only accessible at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smaC8vr088I as well as our wiki, discuss and on-line meetups.

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Additional note on the glass doors, looking at the entrance the door on the left had been broken and sitting their for sometime. I rehung the door and fixed it in place so it is currently NON-FUNCTIONAL, and it is the door on the right that opens. When entering this space you PUSH the door, when exiting you PULL.

It would be great if anyone could add clear signage indicating the lack of function of the one door, and the push/pull direction of the other.

It was my intention that the fixed door would be removed or opened when the time comes to move things out of the space.

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If you could type up what you want notices to say, especially one that says the space is closed, I will print it out here in a laminate it so it looks official. And then I can see if @Roboto is around to pick it up and post it at NB.

A typed laminated notice will look a lot more official and will help maintain the Do ocracy and consensus of a closed space.

As mentioned in the meeting, I think we should use the word “no trespassing” to drive the point home more that hacking to get yourself inside noisebridge other than moving is not excellent right now.

Also is mentioned at the meeting, making a video recording of //very loud// announcements at the space saying the place is closed and squatting and sleeping ia not allowed, checking above the elevator and in the basement to make sure everyone is gone is a good way to be safe and also cover the bases for liabiloty and insurancr protections for NB board members.

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Just asking again hear someone can type up notices and I’ll print them out and laminate them for @Roboto tl put up.

Just something simple that says nice bridge is closed and online classes are (insert link)

I would do it myself but I’m struggling to use the computer right now

I added the push/pull, broken, closed to the glass doors, and temporarily affixed some to the gate.

A zipped tied laminated upgrade to the gate would be great. Rikke’s on board to get the language together and can follow up tonight.

This looks good. As I mentioned before though, it would really wonderful to have information about online classes. Otherwise people just look at these signs and think noisebridge no longer exists. Maybe it could say temporarily closed for covid-19?

There’s a lot of great stuff happening online!

Proposed posted text updates:

¿noisebridge is MOVING!

2169 mission street is indefinitely CLOSED

Classes, events and updates at:


(Co-written by Bashland trio)

…further I think it would be excellent to have a poster size advert to discuss.noisebrisge info as well prominently posted at the entrance

Slightly edited, formatted, and PDF’ed for ease of printing. Can’t upload the finished version, so the X will be on that momentarily.

In the meantime, plaintext version of the suggested language:

Noisebridge is moving!
2169 Mission Street is indefinitely closed

Classes, events, and updates @

Conversations about our future @

(DO NOT HACK – 2020.06.26)

UPDATED AT 9:10PM Noisebridge_door_sign(1).pdf (35.3 KB)

Closing this thread as [EXPERIMENTAL] phase concluded, space was temporarily unsealed per space report here

I still think it would be great to have a link to this discuss forum. I just took a look at the main site and it’s really hard to find this forum…its like a weird secret Community discuss place.

Also the meetings page on the main website doesn’t have any updated links or info that meetings are happening online via zoom…

So I think one of these two pieces of info should be added to any signage, so that we can continue to get more people involved

New version being printed and about to be laminated!! Thanks Rikki and gang!

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