Event Support Resources & FAQ!

We want to facilitate current events and encourage new ones.
Here’s a guide to get you started
If you have other questions about events, for example, post 'em here and tag em event-support. We also have a slack channel #event-support.

FAQ questions:
Can I run my event at Noisebridge?

  • If your event is non-commercial, free entry, open to the public and generally within our mission of Hacking the World, then YES!

Who do I ask if I can run my event at Noisebridge

  • Noisebridge runs on a do-ocracy, which means we give power to those who take the initiative and DO. Read this page and it’s related resources to make sure your event is a good fit, and then go ahead and announce it! You don’t need permission!

Will area X be available at time Y?

  • We have a couple different calendars. There’s wiki discuss and meetup. Most of those events happen. If it doesn’t conflict with a listed event, the answer is probably “yes that space is available”. Also, folks are pretty good at shuffling around and sharing the space we have.

Can I use equipment X for my event?

  • Any equipment we have that isn’t locked up, or training required( like the lasercutter) is free to use. Please do your best to use it safely and keep it well maintained. If you are going to be using it regularly, consider maintaining the equipment as an aspect of running your event. Remember - we’re all volunteers!

Can I charge for my event?

  • We have a strong tradition of No One Turned Away for Lack of Funds events. It’s okay to charge for materials, or ask your attendees to donate to Noisebridge, but it should be possible for someone without money to attend your event and participate in some way.

For other questions, either reply to this post or make a new topic and tag it event-support.


I want to add something here:

To make it easier for the people helping you set up your event – if you want access to Noisebridge’s Meetup page, to be turned into an Event Organizer, please give the link to your meetup info from Noisebridge.

You can make this request here:

Thanks in advance! ^___^