Event planning alternatives to Meetup?

Is there an effort underway to replace meetup with something decentralized? It’s kind of outrageous that the Noisebridge community decided to use it at all.

Great question, we have multiple alternatives.

Note that our Meetup account was paid in full + donated by a Noisebridge member. Be thankful that someone was willing to front their own money to give us a platform which is now followed by many thousands of people. If this isn’t good enough, I totally get it…

  • https://discuss.noisebridge.info allows absolutuely anyone to create an account and host events by creating a new topic, clicking the gear icon and selecting “New Event” which will appear in the forum calendar.
  • https://gettogether.community is a fully open source alternative to meetup that we’re a part of. You are welcome to request the credentials and host your own events via Noisebridge’s account. This community is very focused on open source.
  • Mobilizon is a new, fully open source, federated event planning platform that uses ActivityPub to allow users of Mastodon, Pleroma, Friendica, and other federated tools to host events.
    • If you’d like to setup an instance for Noisebridge, please do! You can join Unicorn here.
  • Secure Scuttlebutt has a public channel for Noisebridge. Use it to host your events via an e2e encrypted, full decentralized sneakernet. It has hundreds of users and is a very decent choice.
  • Our wiki includes the ability for anyone to list and host an event via mediawiki. It has been used by our space for a decade. Feel free to edit this same tool, which is developed by MediaWiki and Wikipedia.
  • HackspaceOS is a website which was created for Noisebridge to host events across our forum, Meetup and our Wiki at the same. Feel free to learn more and help make it a reality on the project github page.

Hope this helps!