Event Ideas

Here’s a pretty awesome lead to follow! Check this out: https://techlearningcollective.com/events/

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I also received a request to do another surveillance self-defense workshop, so that would be cool, too :sunglasses: .


That’s a very cool group. It would be interesting to do something like that in SF.

If you do an ant-surveillance workshop, I’d definitely be interested in attending! :raised_hand:


I’m definitely interested in your workshop, @elimisteve! TLC sounds like an excellent resource - how would we get started on it at Noisebridge?

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I’m not sure what our next steps should be, but having events like https://github.com/AnarchoTechNYC/meta/wiki/Mr.-Robot’s-Netflix-‘n’-Hack#week-1-s01e01 would be pretty awesome…

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