Emacs meetup

I’d like to welcome the Emacs meetup group back to Noisebridge.

They’re attempting to be a distributed group that operates around the SF Bay area. The current home-base for SF general meetups is HAUS coffee (near 24th & Mission), but it is typically tight on space.

Other than the general meetups, the group hosts awesome talks and fun workshops; however, they’re typically hosted in Mountain View which isn’t ideal for those without cars.

Some folks at the meetups have heard of and/or have been to Noisebridge, but I don’t think many frequent the space. The current meetup group even features an image from Noisebridge (from 2016?):


With all that said: Can someone help me with the process of organizing events at Noisebridge? There might be a wiki page for this somewhere? I’ve never organized new events in the space—I’ve only inherited some reoccurring weekly events (e.g. Free Code Camp on Tuesdays) and want to make sure I don’t step on anyone’s toes.



yes, I can. check the Meetup calendar and the wiki events page. the events page is out of date a lot, but the recurring events are mostly correct.

I can help you set up a meet up as well though you should probably become an organizer so you can edit and cancel your events. I can’t do that part. if you haven’t joined Noisebridge Meetup, do that first and we can handle the rest

I am a Noisebridger and Emacser who may be able to help organize an event, especially around having people show off their setup that makes them most productive :smiley:. I’m steve@tryingtobeawesome.com

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Doesn’t Whiteboarding always meet in Church? I know it says Hackatorium. I suggest messaging Greg on the meetup and coordinating. They can use Hackatorium or perhaps end early.

Can you please also add a picture for the meetup here? I’m a vi user so I’m just going to post the poo emoji if left to my own devices.

Once your sure you can use Church let me know and I’ll post it to meetup. Also can you ask in #event-support on slack that you will be organizing events and can you please become an organizer? then you can organize meetups yourself.

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Bernice co-hosts the event. Got an OK for Feb 27, 2019 @ 7pm.


Typically the group rolls with no image and just a description from what I’ve seen, but I’ve asked if they’d like to provide one.

Access granted! Bernice helped me out. Once I hear back from the Emacs SF folks confirming the description I’ll create the event. Thanks for the guidance @rando!



I’ve worked out February 27th, 2019 as a date for someone to come by and give a talk about Emacs stuff. I’m 80% sure it’s going to be on this topic (stole the description from a prior meetup that got canceled):

Open source hacker and Math researcher Sean Farley (https://farley.io/) will talk about using python like a pro in Emacs. This talk will be centered around lsp-mode for code-completion & navigation, interacting with python interpreter and running tests in python from within emacs. There will be other tidbits sprinkled throughout the talk like using forge, pdf-tools, bitwarden, yequake etc. And as always, we also have interesting discussions to look forward to after the talk!

The 27th looks free in the evening hours on the Noisebridge meetup calendar… does 6:30pm to 8:30pm work for folks if we’re in Church?

Promise to strongly encourage folks to try club-mate when giving them tours of the space. :wink: