Elevator Repairs

So the elevator repair guy just showed up randomly… He doesn’t even know where to begin. Repairs are estimated around the 500k-ish range and it just needs to be replaced rather than repaired.

He was serious about the red-tag thing, I kind of got the feeling that it means something more serious than just “not working”. But anyway he doesn’t think it will be repairable anytime in the near future, and won’t be operable for at least several months if we underwent repair/replacement.

The controller unit is corroded and needs to be replaced (10k estimate), the cables themselves are rusted out and in an unsafe condition. And the whole of it seems to be one of the oldest ones he’s seen.

Thanks @Boots.

That doesn’t sound good …What company were they from? Otis or Advanced Elevator? Also does anyone know where the current violations are listed?

Current violations are on an email chain somewhere. I’ll try to forward it to you.

Also this is very alarming. I’ll reach out to Brian and see if he got the same message.

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@themanmaran coordinate with @ruthgrace, please.

Ok, so the sf senior elevator inspector was not happy about (redacted) and as a result asked for the elevator to be inspected from head to toe, and that they would personally need to sign off on it.

Based on the fact that we may at least partially disagree with the accusations and may need to request a hearing, I suggest we move this thread off of this public forum.

where are you getting that information, and is it for Noisebridge or the building?

From the stuff Tyler sent me by email. That’s my reading of it. Very strong language, likely intimidating for any elevator company who reads it. Maybe through a hearing we can get the language toned down (my hope)

Responsibility probably goes to the building not a tenant like us, but we need to do damage control if it’s not too late.

Ok got it, thanks.

At this stage im uncomfortable with anyone handling external communication without extensive internal communication. Everyone needs to stop acting “as Noisebridge” without talking to the rest of Noisebridge about what actions are going to be taken.

We are already in a sensitive position, and so far I’m not seeing anyone displaying across the board good judgement so let’s lean on each other here.

We have access to lawyers, let’s get their council before talking to anyone else.

Hai @mcscope pls assist kthxbai

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I spoke with Lady red and she’s away for now.

My position is to discuss in the following order:

  1. among ourselves
  2. with a lawyer
    and only then based on their opinions
  3. to anyone outside the organization
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Hey all, I disagree. The elevator is the landlord’s responsibility. He is the point of contact with the elevator repair companies and the state inspector has the landlord’s (Brian’s) number. Please don’t do anything about the elevator except keep Brian informed.

Edit: to clarify, we are only responsible for splitting the bill with him after it’s all over


Just heard back from Brian. Confirmed that is was not a repair company, but instead the elevator inspector again.

And yes. All communication with the inspector/Advanced Elevators should go through Brian.

Also this is a totally inappropriate way for the inspector to behave. There should be notice given before an inspection. And he should be communicating with the property manager, not just whoever at NoiseBridge happens to open the door.


I think what Matt is referring to is basically the fact that someone committed a crime (felony?) by doing (redacted) without Brian’s or Noisebridges permission. Now the chief inspector is amped up and has a personal vendetta against…Brian(?) Noisebridge (?) So he is basically saying be careful when you make communications because a lot is on the line and the situation is delicate.

and also that we have a lease with a clause that says we have to pay half of x, and someone had apparently said x is 500,000. has this new estimate already been brought to their attention?

these are all legal issues, let’s at least make the lawyers aware now, before any emergency happens, and get their legal opinion if this is a fire or not.

Also why is he quoting dollar values for repairs? How did he get inside anyway

@David he has just knocked on the door in the past. I believe @gaardn ran into him the last time he showed up and that’s when he dropped off the notice of violation. According to Brian, this guy has been very confrontational during their interactions. Idk why he is throwing out repair costs.

@rando I can let Alice know about the most recent interaction. But I don’t think the landlord has any intention of dropping $500k on the elevator. They were already trying to negotiate down the $7k that Otis charged.

Also I do not believe we would be on the hook for 50% of a new elevator. Our lease calls it “building elevator repairs”, I think that replacing the whole system is not exactly a repair.

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I’m not sure they are being professional. Maybe even breaking the law - what was he doing mucking with the control box today with no permission? Aren’t we entitled to watch what he is doing while he is on the property?

The notice of violation says that we are entitled to a hearing. If we disagree with any of the statements in the notice, or have evidence that this inspector is prejudiced or has violated the law, we could bring this up. I’d say talking to Alice couldn’t hurt (if she has time). Why didn’t the inspector write all this stuff down the first time (or the second time, or the third time) and why are his claims escalating? Is this the FOURTH TIME? Why does he keep returning? He says he returned 3 times on the notice (and today would be the 4th time) and he seems to be flaunting this. We have never used the elevator without permission so I don’t get why he needs to return constantly.

I think those are good questions for lawyers, because aren’t these against the building, not us? Meaning we DONT have a right to a hearing, the landlord does?

Yup. We don’t have any rights in this scenario. Except maybe that the landlord should give us notice before sending someone in.

But this guy has been coming without the landlords awareness.

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