Want to join the Electronics Guild? The only requirement is to introduce yourself here.

Hi, I’m Matt. I do electronics stuff among other things. Currently my favorite thing I’ve done at the space is a WiFi enabled BLE capable light up chicken foot.

Post here, DM me, email me at marcidy@gmail.com, or find me in the space so we can do a guild and create a thing.

Once 5-10 ppl sign on we can figure out a way forward as a group.

I have seed ideas if we get stuck but let’s all participate to make it fun.

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I’m Victoria. I do a lot of electronics hacking, mostly with LED lights. My bike has a bunch of blinkies on it and I’ve previously ran some LED strip workshops to get people ready for East Bay Bike Party.

Many moons ago, before I got into law, I wrote graphics drivers. Sometime between then and now I worked at Other Machine Company and wrote a bunch of the firmware for the Othermill.

I hack. Ban me.

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In, natch. I’m into digital and analog stuff, currently exploring power electronics and someday I want to learn RF design. Recently, I’ve built a 5V to 150 V power supply that will drive Nixie tubes off USB power. I’m also interested in helping people break into SMD work in their projects, since newer components are almost exclusively in these packages, and I see a lot of intro and kit projects that are stuck in through-hole design.

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I am Henner. I do electronics from microcontroller circuits to FlaschenTaschen to CNC driver circuits. And stuff (as in stuff-org, our parts.noisebridge.net database).
I also contribute to KiCAD every now and then.

(and back in the day to KDE, I hear that is a thing)


Hello I am jepo. I like electronics a lot. I’ve studied in school but am not a pro. I like to fix things and build with microcontrollers like Pic, Propellor, and Beaglebone. I also like coding with C/C++ and web tech LAMP and javascipt too. I’d like to help with maintenance including the parts database, soldering stations and also volunteering for events/hackathons.

I’m Hamilton. I work on electronics with the three kids here. We’re working on LEDs, soldering, logic gates, op amps, programming. We love the space, and especially the analog scope!