Electronics room organization

I spent some time last night working on organizing the massive heap of stuff on the tables in the electronics room. It still looks like a RadioShack collided with a Digi-Key catalog in my grandpa’s basement, but there is at least now a little more structure to the chaos.

  • On the left-hand table are various bins organized by broad (and occasionally nebulous) categories
  • On the right-hand table are bins containing arbitrary collections of stuff (usually things that were already in a bin, or were near each other, but are probably otherwise unrelated)

The idea is that you can now take a bin from the right, bring it over to the left, and distribute its contents as appropriate. (There’s also a spot which has a pile of all the empty bins I could find, for use when creating new categories.) There’s also quite a lot of stuff that should be moved elsewhere in the space, put on the hack shelves, or simply discarded. Please pitch in and have a go at it! My theory on organizing is that if you shuffle things around enough, they’ll eventually coalesce into something manageable.

(Thanks to @woz for suggesting I post this.)