Drill Press Status

Hi All,

Back in 2008 I donated a RYOBI WDP1850 drill press to Noisebridge [1] … checking to see if it’s still around / functional & making the move to the new location.

For a while now I’ve not been able to participate in the space, but the last time I stopped by (10th Anniversary Ball in 2017 I believe), I saw the drill press was still there, though a bit busted up.

If it’s still usable and desired – great. But sometimes things end up broken and then get discarded…so on the off-chance that ends up being the case here, I’d like to save it from going into the trash. Please ping me if you know anything about this drill press.

All the best to everyone in the move to Capp street!


[1] https://lists.noisebridge.net/pipermail/noisebridge-discuss/2008-October/147685.html