Dorkroom improvements

To all noisebridgers, dorkroom has been completely dismantled for some repairs and updates over the next few days. All stuff that was in that area (other then the computer setup) has been locked in the elevator Area, if you need access to the stuff, message me for code.

Also after dorkroom is fixed, elevator area will still have a lock so that trash actually gets carried downstairs and doesn’t just pile up in that area. Once elevator is working again, lock will be removed.

If anyone thinks that locking the area is unexcellent please message me so I can undo the change.

Details about why dorkroom is being redone.

Wood frame system had some miscut pieces that need to be replaced, dropped ceiling was at a bad angle, carpet needs cleaning, sliding door needs updates (or be replaced by a real door).

I will be in the space the next couple afternoons working on these issues, please comment with suggestions.

A few suggestions others want that I already know about.
Better sound isolation
Better acoustics
Better lighting
Passthrough port for computer so that it can be set outside the room (important for acoustics)

A few things I think might be nice
A better chair for breastfeeding mothers.
Have the recording setup be wheelchair accessible.

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Awesome work. I can volunteer some of my time to help on this project this week. A couple suggestions / questions:

  • What is the width on the door frame in there? I have some ideas on making a relatively soundproof door (at least more soundproof than the current one), but it may make the door a little skinnier. Also the current sliding door blocks the light switch which is annoying.
  • Does anyone have any good deals on getting carpet around SF? Carpeting the walls would be a pretty cheap and easy way to add a decent amount of sound proofing.

Edit: I called up a carpet distributor nearby. They have a remnant piece that is 12’*21’ (total 252sqft) for $379.74.

Edit 2: Wait, even better. A giant piece of carpet used in a showroom for $200. Anyone have a car?

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This may be a better resource for the carpeting:

Sold in 3’ x 3’ squares for $2 each. We would probably need 50 would be plenty sufficient (450sqft) and would only run $100. Plus this is way easier to pickup.

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If you are in the space this afternoon I can give you a detailed explanation of the current situation and plan.

Those carpets look great, my car cant fit fabric of that size but we have access to a van that might fit the carpet.

If you can find out the size of each roll we will know what we need to move it.

Also if you contact them, let them know that we are a non profit organization and they could get a tax write off for the price of the materials.

I think try to get it down to 200 including delivery (in the case we dont have a transport vehiclethat fits it. (or lower, if you think you can.

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