Door to Infinity

A metaphor for the possibilities that can occur at NoiseBridge. It’s an infinity mirror, two mirrors facing each other with led between to mimic a hall of light, but needs to be put on the front of the :noisebridge: door.

Ben and I already announced this project during the meeting every Tuesday since then except last on the 22nd. I will bring it up again on 29th.

Seeking approval of:

  1. Displaying on the door BEFORE :drum: Halloween :jack_o_lantern: (October 31, 2019)

  2. Permanently screwing on the sheet with standoffs into the door covering the port hole, and signage, but will still be functional (security, light, sound, air flow) with the addition of a viewing cloth on the inside of :noisebridge: to allow a mini dark room for optimal viewing, like an interrogation room one way mirror. As well as some opaque material on the edges of the door outside to block light on the viewing side and enhance the effect.

  3. Have an RGB LED setup on the edges, which I could use ideas on how to attach to acrylic temporarily while possibly blocking light between door and acrylic. It may not perfectly look like a door yet because I’m working on the neon like portion. So it can look more like this

  4. It would be wonderful if this could be a smart mirror in the sense that a dynamic display is on the inside. It would compromise security unless a fish eye camera is in place, ie tablet with camera and dome lens on top of camera lens. To wow the people waiting but probably not before Halloween without help. If not this than let’s try …

  5. EL wire :noisebridge: (NoiseBridge logo) the issue might be in it blocking people seeing the porthole but I don’t see it being a major obstacle

  6. Not putting any stickers on top of the mirror because it is a bare film worth $100 per side. It will need to be sealed. Then we can see if we want to add to the art piece

Ben E and I have invested over 9 hours, and counting, in research and production time as well as over $900 :money_with_wings:

Still working on protecting and polishing it as I’m learning this from the ground up. Thanks for sharing the first lighting up of it when it was lit, if you were there.

Already half way done:

Will be mounted using 6 standoffs screwed into the door for the 50 lb sheet to look like this

Thank you for the do-ocracy:

  • Ben E. (materials & art direction)
  • Dave Butler(electronics, words, and assistance)
  • Dave(wood working)
  • NoiseBridge for the human connection, acceptance, workshop, encouragement, and all of the helping hands(if you’re not on this list add your message with what your memories with this project)
  • TAP plastics SF(Emily, Dante, etc)
  • Decorative Films(mirror film)
  • Cool Neon Funhouse Productions Oakland(LED Strip)
  • Internet collective for always keeping me curious and confident anything is possible with dedication

I definitely think it would be cool, to install it before Halloween.

Creating a version 2 at some point with the port hole cut out would be great as well.

Also amazing work for how quickly you guys got this together and to have only needed 9 hours that is dang efficient work.

Also I’m not sure if this needs to be a big C consensus item, but please come by to the Tuesday meeting to announce it before you install it.

Looks like a good start. I was wanting to propose a smart mirror team build anyways eventually.

I support this project, to infinity…

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I’ve already got approval twice, and will get it again, but there were people not knowing what was going on and had concerns about security. This is the reason for the big C. Just don’t want to step on toes since right now it very sensitive about knowing who’s at the door.

One love

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