Donate is down

A server was decommissioned and the Rack volunteer crew failed to migrate in time (as happens with volunteer crews). The main Rack folks are meeting tomorrow to get a test donate website up, and then we’ll need more volunteers to help find any bugs. Will keep everyone updated.


The test website is up! We need help testing it. Instructions here: Testing new donate server

Thanks in advance!


Quick update.

We have been doing a lot of testing and debugging of deployment. We are currently finalizing integration testing, which is taking all the different parts that different people worked on and pull them together.

I really hope to finish that tomorrow. We are down to testing a full deployment of a test environment which so far looks good.

We did a UAT previously, which was a bit light for my taste, but we found issues and corrected them. Thank you to those who participated.

Deploying to Production means vigilance and handling issues as they come in. We have automatic monitoring set up, and I will be personally monitoring the logs and be on call for the next month to handle issues as they arise. My experience is it takes about two weeks to stabilize, and the next two weeks of stability to gain confidence in the deployment.

Once we are stable, lets throw a fucking party because the devs on this need it.

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This would be the excellent thing to do!