Do we want vending machines?

Hi there! Most of you don’t know me, I haven’t been around NB in a couple of years, and was never around much even then. I recently bought a couple of vending machines, one for refrigerated soda cans and the other for refrigerated snacks. Naomi suggested that I reach out to the community to see if there might be a way to put these to use for the benefit of Noisebridge. I am open to a lot of ideas about how to use them, who would own them permanently, who would stock them, what they would be stocked with (not necessarily on label, maybe art or tools?), who would retrieve them from San Carlos, how access control might be modified (have to pick and rekey them anyway, might as well get fancy), etc.

I’d appreciate feedback on any version of this concept that might shape a path forward.


I think it would be good to not bring new heavy equipment into the space like vending machines unless we know we’re not going to be moving for a while.


I don’t think it would be useful to have any more vending machines, until we get our current one working better.

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Sorry, uh, why not vending machines? I agree with @hicksu that it may be a good idea to wait until we’re sure we’re not moving soon. What are the other reasons?

What if the new ones are so much better that it would make sense to get rid of the old one?


I’m down for a 1 to 1 trade if we could get a better vending machine. But vending machines take up a ton of space, so I don’t think we need several.

Also the current machine works. It only accepts $1 bills is the problem.

No vending machines please.