Discussion item: Consensus items take two full calendar weeks

Consensus items are defined as taking two weeks. It would be helpful to clarify that this process is two full calendar weeks. What I mean:

  1. One Week of Discussion
  2. One Week to Finalize Consensus

Over the years items have been discussed only at the meeting, then consensed the following week.

  1. Discussed for an hour for the first time on Tuesday
  2. One Week to Finalize Consensus.

Discussion is important and helps us all to make clearly communicated, healthy decisions. Thank you for considering.


Clear communication and healthy decisions are much needed. To clarify, consensus items are active during at least 3 consecutive Tuesdays:

  1. Initial consensus proposal
  2. Discussion
  3. Finalize consensus

Additional weeks are optional if more discussion is needed.

Is that correct?

This is incorrect. Consensus can be done in 7 days per @James’ description.

It usually takes a fair bit longer, but according to our current consensus definition you only need two meetings.

I think this should be amended to @gaardn’s 3 meeting definition.