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Should we have a consensus on mask policy?

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i’m not sure it’s needed, today everyone at the space was masked up, and no one had any issue with it… I have to be honest though, when I’m the only one at the space or if its just a couple people, I might go without masks if there is small C consensus

Same. Currently, as I understand it, masks are now small C condensed by the people in the space. However, reading slack channels and meeting discussions, people might be concerned that masks are not on indoors all the time.
So I wanted to bring up making masks mandatory. At the very least, have everyone be on board with masks being small C consensus.


Really sad to read that masks and vaccination are not requirements at Noisebridge right now.
Frankly, it’s a really low bar for an anarchist space and it’s hurtful.

Allowing the spread of Covid among the Mission, where rates have always been high, is a way that we collectively harm our community through negligence.

The pandemic is very annoying, masks are uncomfortable. But is that discomfort worth neglecting the health and safety of those around us?

A very sad state of affairs, and a terrible example of what a hackerspace is about.


Mask policy has not gone to consensus yet. How about this wording:

“All people at Noisebridge should wear masks.”

+1 and I would add that they be asked to leave if refusing to wear one.

I will also donate $ or masks if there are none available to people.

If you are at the space, and people aren’t masked and you would prefer people be masked, just say something, and everyone should excellently mask up… I’m sure that 99.9% of people would do it with no trouble, and for the 0.1%, they should be asked to leave


If 99.99% of people will mask up at Noisebridge we should be able to pass a mask policy through big C consensus. As Zach mentioned, it is about letting people know we care about opening up in a safe manner for those who choose to come to the physical space. It also shows that even though we aren’t asking to see vaccine cards we are asking people to take each other’s health seriously and wear a mask. :heart:

One thing that commonly happens is that among a small handful of people in the space, a small c consensus is reached that masks are not necessary. Everyone is prepared for that to change if a new person arrives, but with vaccination requirements, social distancing, current CDC guidelines and very often an open garage door providing excellent ventilation, reaching a small c consensus about masks concerning those directly involved fits within many members’ comfort zone.


I didn’t mean to say that 99% of people would be ok with masking all the time as a default. I was merely saying that they would do it as a special consideration to someone who requested it… just by making the casual observation over the past week, I would say that the majority of people don’t actually believe that it is prudent… at the space and in SF in general. On a personal level, I if I’m being very active physically I find that it’s harder to breathe masked up, and also if there are like 5 people total in the space, all who I know are vaccinated, and don’t prefer to be masked I don’t really see the point.


This is why full consensus would be preferable: the person wanting to remove their mask will be the one requesting special consideration from others present. :+1:


It’s a noble effort to attempt this, but I don’t see how it would be any different than what Dave said in practice.

Actually, we could just have everyone mask up before each new person comes in, then explicitly ask them if they’re ok with unmasking.

I’d like some input from people who a) want to physically go to the space regularly and b) aren’t comfortable being with unmasked people in the space. I feel like most of us are in either camp a or b, but not both.


There isn’t really a great way to make it not awkward, it’s going to have to be a constant negotiation.

This last week when in the space , because a number of people were unmasked, I told new people coming in that if they were uncomfortable with that we could ask people to mask up and that it is sort of an evolving consensus with whoever is in the space at the time.

And just to be clear, I agree with Dave, when there’s a few, vaccinated people in the space I am cool being unmasked and with them being unmasked though I tend to stay near the front or on the porch. Yet I would happily mask up if someone expressed discomfort (I wear the mask around my neck so that that is easy ) And I expect that would be the case for others as well. It is OK to negotiate as needed. as I read back through this thread now (editing my reply) I’m sure if Zach let people know he was coming everyone would just keep their masks on while he was around.


Also, we should bring this up for discussion on Tuesday if people are interested.

I really like this, and I think this is a terrific point. The issue is where / who the burden is put on (i.e. impetus). “big c” Consensus on something as important as covid safety makes to me, and Im not sure why anyone would want vagueness around rules for a disease that can kill you and your loved ones.

This isn’t about/for me, but a concern I have for our community. I don’t want Noisebridge to be famous for superspreader virus hacking. I want us to be part of the solution, and be famous for enacting safe rules for everyone, like good anarchist spaces often do <3.

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We have discussed this item at two meetings and it has been blocked today.