Discourse Groups: What, Why, How

A Discourse group is a bunch of people that can DM each other and possibly have titled, like Laser Trainer. Groups have owners which can be anyone. They seem useful to corral a bunch of people who need to talk to each other

To create a group, go to the burger menu, groups

The add new group:

Here you can set the name, owner, members, etc. Once made, the ower can add people and stuff.

“Should guilds also be groups and vice versa?” i donno, talk to your guild.

“How many groups can I be in?” No idea.

“I have some other question that is probably on a discourse help forum or stack exchange. what should I do?” please DM victoria.


I think only admins can create them?

It would be fucking rad if someone hacked up a plugin to change that :3

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lame. too bad it’s written in Ruby.