Discord integration for this forum with Unityversity and Gamebridge

Continuing the discussion from Re-design for this forum (please submit your thoughts):

I’m wondering about @Mark @pyconaut @lxpk integration between this forum and our Discord. The discord is huge, so it makes sense to embrace it! Our Slack also continues on, but I’d love to help connect specific posts of your choice (perhaps those with VR / gamebridge tags) to our Discord. Or, even connect our #general channel with the Noisebridge channel on the Discord. Please consider as this has worked very well on a per-channel basis in Slack for three years. The connection is one-way only so it sends notifications directly to your chat channel of choice. Pyconaut can also handle setting this up.

Full instructions here. Thanks for considering!

Deeper integration is possible via this Discord bot, which further assists integration based on group membership and trust levels within the forum.

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