Disable topic auto-close feature

Is there an advantage to the feature that auto-closes/locks topics after a period of time?

I’d like to be able to raise threads from the dead.

…and participate in discussion even if it’s been a week or two since the last post.

What do y’all think aboot that, 'eh?



I second this emotion.

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Fyi, mods can unlock threads iirc. I know admins can.

What about change auto-lock from 24 hrs to 30 days or 3 months from last reply.

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Is it possible to simply turn that feature off?

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Yes. I turned it on to see how it would behave and if NB found it useful. I think it’s fine to keep on, however. It’s totally possible to reply as a linked topic and continue the discussion elsewhere, off the announcements list eg, #uncategorized

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why is it relevant unless a user sets it?