Diplomacy Quest: Get Cozy With Hillary Ronen's Office


I’m setting up an in-person meeting with Ronen’s officer Caroline whom we’ve been working with in the past.

Purpose: to create a positive ongoing dialog with our district office (as per Scandiuzzi-Krebs’ recommendations) so that it’s easier to get them in our court when we need them.

I was able to reach someone right away by calling the number on this page:

By way of quick institutional reminder, I mentioned we were a 501c3 community space looking to make good on a $500K helper grant to buy a building. The guy on the phone said, “oh yeah, that’s important,” and seemed to be willing to book something this week if it was urgent.

I told him it wasn’t urgent (it’s really not) and so he took my phone number and said he’d call back with an appointment for probably/hopefully next week.

Aside: I think i like the term “Diplomat” more than I like “Ambassador”.


Sounds good. Should I team up with someone and do the same for Mandelman’s office? I believe John Shutt (nyc bitcoin guy) had a friend who worked in the campaign but might as well call and set up a meeting.

Lots of good stuff in Fundraising on boarding documentation -- June 24, 2019

Maybe we should make some pitch deck slides or something?

What would the pitch deck slides be for…?

Hmm ok I just found out victoria-nicole-ruth had a handout last time they met with Ronen. I’m going to see if I can get it.

It doesn’t need to be slides - I think the handout probably works fine. For me it’s useful to steer the conversation especially if I forget something, plus something to leave with them. I guess the pitch would be noisebridge itself :slight_smile:

668 Guerrero is in Mandelman’s district and moving there would likely require applying for a conditional use authorization. We could ask for his advice about applying since he knows his district well, maybe a letter of support? Also we can mention the impact fee that we’re up against and maybe get his support for having that waived as well.

Oh, I see… Start a separate thread about that, perhaps? I’d like for us to get better about organizing our thoughts, as a group. This forum is starting to take the place of the wiki in terms of being a repository of institutional knowledge.

Whatever works. To me it seems communication with supervisors is a single objective so good to have consistency in whatever is communicated.

So, I got a call back from Caroline Goosen and she left a message because I couldn’t get to my phone in time. Tried to call back the number she called from and was dumped into PBX hell.

When I called back Ronen’s office they said the better bet would be to use email anyway. Nifty…

I’m busy with job interviewing and setting up the Restorative Communication workshop, so I’ll pick this thread up again on Friday.


Did you ever find this handout?

So here is a version of that doc that we took to Ronens office recently. But they never actually read it.

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@themanmaran OK – still nice to have, thanks!

I’m not sure; District 8 (Mandelman’s district) doesn’t include Noisebridge, so I am not sure of what the talking points would be.

What were you thinking of getting their attention on?