Did you replace the ADA bathroom switch with an electrocution hazard? Please don't

People usually have wet hands when reaching for this switch. The motion sensor was working just fine. Least you could do was put a cover over it!

Please at the very least let the group know when you change something like this. We don’t have any covers in the space right now so this’ll be a dangerous switch until one shows up, and we already have the city breathing down our neck looking for code violations like this.


These patterns should work if you want to use the laser cutter. Crazy someone left it like that.


This was me. Something happened with the sensor after I restored power at the breakers. I stuck that switch there to get the light working again until I could go get a new sensor.


it might need warm-up time before it starts. The sensor “learns” the room to be able to detect motion so maybe that’s reset when power is cut.

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Replaced sensor and added face plate.


Now with face plate screws aligned… Much better.


You’re awesome Jarrod, thanks for doing that.