It’s starting and first batch of talks are on the intertoobs and playing in the garage at noisebridge

I’m setting up a few projects and connecting some of the on-line competitions like Badge Hacking and yo @culteejen autonomous CTF

I’ll be around most of the day and looking to connect with some hackers in to the evening, and with the general state of the world just taking it all as it comes and would love to expand team noisebridge both here and in vegas and keep things humming till Sunday… /wave @lindner


also experimentally x-streaming to

on the DEFCON discord human plus mode as “beep boop#2900”

Hi!! I’m heading out this evening. I’ll be mostly hanging with the AI Village.

But am also available for remote eyes/ears/hands on events! Do reach out here or on Slack on how I can make DEFCON more fun for y’all!!

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I met someone associated with the Fresno Hackerspace Root Access

Oh hey, forgot to ask if people want swag… Not much left, but if you want something text me at 415-425-1601 and I’ll run to an ATM (it’s cash-only) and coordinate a purchase for you.