Decentralization Working Group -- Interest Check

Continuing the discussion from Plan 9 / Harvey / 9front / experimental operating systems with a focus on clustering:

If anyone is interested it would be fun to group together. I’m not sure of who else is actually using decentralized, self-hosted or federated technologies.

  • Using Pi’s to run services out of your home?
  • Maintaining your own servers?
  • Curious about new tools to try?
  • Interested in Cryptography as opposed to Bitcoin $$ hype?

If so, give a shout out. Perhaps we have community as opposed to just quietly working on such projects at home. :+1:

I would be interested in this. I’m not really using many federated systems, but I do maintain my own VPS & domain.

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Count me in as well. I run a few of my own servers, both locally and in the cloud, and self-host a bunch of things (most notably a bunch of websites and a GitLab instance). I’m vaguely familiar with some federation protocols but haven’t really played around with that aspect of it very much.

On the topic of “opposed to Bitcoin hype”, one thing I’ve had my eye on but really requires a group of people to play around with is Offset, which describes itself as “A credit card powered by trust between people” but really seems closer to a P2P Venmo. It works on mutual credit and provides automatic clearing across a mesh of trust pairs; the economic idea page of the docs is probably the best place to start, followed by the technical details of the network structure. Might be an interesting topic for a meetup?